Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tengah sakit pun masih boleh vain....

The thing about spending all this time at home (partially doped up, nevertheless) is that you only see you and you alone. So memang tak dapat dielakkan lah all those vain moments when you look at yourself in the mirror and found out a lot of things go wrong.... the eyebrows, the legs, the arms....


I need to get waxed.


So after a quick rendesvouz with a friend earlier this morning I head straight to Bangsar and had the job done.

Akhirnya! Everything gone.


Hahahahhaa! I am talking as if its big news. But seriously, I feel much better now. Especially when I look at my face. My eyebrows screams help big time.


Yeah yeah yeah, orang raya aku sebok pergi waxing. Nevermind, Ani is coming back with lemang and rendang later, so all is good kan?


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shasha said...

owhhh...selamat makan rendang dan lemang...