Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanks to Nuffnang...there is no need to brave the que to watch 2012....

The 2012 bug is itching everyone....kalau tak percaya sila la tengok line yang panjang berjela-jela in all the cinemas now. Last weekend was at the movies to watch "The Box" with Cik Abang Anon and guess what, the show for 2012 was all full siap merah blinking-blinking lagi.


That's why I sangat bersyukur to get the free tix from Nuffnang for 2012's premiere screening last wednesday. Ini semua hasil berkat this entry. Too bad I couldn't come up with the same for New Moon. Was so busy lately tak perasan pulak the tix's were already up for grabs last week.


I took Shasha with me that night. Babe, nasib baik ko cancel your trip kan??? Movie tu best kan??? Tak rugi tengok kan???


What shock us both was the crowd. I think that night there were definitely more than 5 screenings of the premiere show, so the crowd was huge. And for the first time ever, ada body check semua. So hanphone, camera, ipod, lappy - all electronic stuff wajib surrender. First time kena tinggal handphone kat kaunter rasa macam putus akal sekejap...because seriously, have you ever been separated with your mobile before?

See, I guess not.

The movie is about a guy trying to get his family to safety when the end of days came....supposedly to an ark built to stand the expected wave when the earth crust move an create a massive flood.

Ala...macam cerita bahtera Nabi Nuh tu.

The movie started a bit late, but once the movie starts we were kept at the edge of our seats...and didn't even bother that our hp's were outside anyways...

Sebab the movie is so exhilirating. And the effects is just superb. I suka sangat tengok bangunan-bangunan runtuh masa diorang fly the plane.

You guys must be asking "How bad can it get la kan????".

The answer is very bad.

To a point that everything is destroyed.

There's 2 waves of destruction, one is when the earth plate moves and thus create the earthquakes and such. Sangat ngeri tengok bumi terbelah dua, flares shooting everywhere that simply came out of nowhere.....

.....dan yang paling scary sekali is when you have no where to run. Everything was falling like domino stacks.

Obviously everyone was not prepared la kan. Sebab kalau cakap pasal kiamat sekarang pun macam ada orang nak bersiap sedia la kan???

The second wave is when the earthquakes settled, then comes a huge tsunami that wipes out the entire world.
The sad part is to see the human greed even when things are almost toward the end. Because seriously, if this happens and you had knowledge of it....who would you save first?



Total strangers?

Giraffe's from the amazon?

*apa kena dengan giraffe ni???? Sila tengok movie tu betul-betul....there are some giraffe's more lucky than a human being and got to get on the ark....while others, either die or lost a leg to get to the ark....sigh...*

Another scene I love is when the wave hit the Tibetan monk. Sangat sayu.

Out of 10 this movie is definitely a 9...and it beats the hell out of Jennifer's Body (which is so lame and exploitative of Megan Fox's hot body....nasib baik aku tengok DVD, so not worth my time), Inglorious Basterds (oh, tapi in this one Brad Pitt is so kewl!) and The Box (another waste of time, not recommended at all....I heard I might be better off watching Ninja, if I could).

*hmmmm...for someone on a budget banyak jugak movie aku tgk bulan ni ye? Oh yeah, masih belum tengok Pisau Cukur*

To the rest of you who haven't catch the show.....selamat beratur ya!


Penari.Gendut said...

I SO LOVE THIS MOVIE. I dunno kenapa ada orang tak suka, but I guess it's all ada sangkut paut dgn religions(end of time) kot.

People can be so anal about things sometime, it's jsut a fricking Hollywood movie lah.

But anyway, this movie rocks. Like seriously *sila baca dgn nada bimbo*

Zuraida said...

Let's not care about the haters okay sebab kalau nak kiamat tu tak kisah la ko agama apa kiamat jugak....

betul tak?

tak semestinya kena bumi terbelah then keluar yakjuj makjuj je baru consider kiamat...because seriuosly, doesn anyone really know what will happen on earth's last day? God's plan?

Absolutely no one.

I heart the movie too. Hehehehe.

shasha said...

hahahaha...jom tgk pisau cukur jom!..i'm drooling for redza minhat laaa...

Zuraida said...

bila nak tgk??? ko nak belanja???