Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wardrobe of A-List Stars - Don't You Just Wished U Have One of Your Own????

To dream is let's all dream together. Sigh. I've been browsing the internet and foung an article on celebrity wardrobe and oh boy, I drool. hahahahaa! Seriously its a freaking one person home there, but then if I had all the money in the world and I have tonnes of Loubotins, Choo's, Gucci's and what not....why not invest in a good wardrobe kan?

These diva's memang totally go off the chain with their walk in wardrobe (ok, not to mention the whole house, memang OTT) tapi i soka!!!! Hahhahaah!!!!

Let's indulge in a few...

*Piccas courtesy of Instyle.Com*

*Ms Dirty Turn Good - Christina Aguilera*

Oh wardrobe with gothic antiques, and never ending row's of shoes, shoes and more shows. My dream wardrobe. hahahahah! Not that I have as much shoes, but I love shoes neatly stashed macam kat kedai kasut Aldo.


Tapi, Ms Diva Mariah Carey ada lagi banyak okay.....

She turned the master bedroom of a triplex apartment to a shoe room that housed over 1000 pairs of designer heels....if a shoe died, most probably the good ones goes here...coz it's definitely shoe heaven.

*wink wink*

Next is the wardrobe of the Queen of Fabulousity.....

*who else if not KLS?*

We've seen her wardrobe...the humongous leopard printed carpet with flat screen tv and mini bar wardrobe in her reality TV show "KLS - Life on the Fab Lane" and don't be surprise that the wardrobe is not the only wardrobe she has in the house, other wardrobes in other rooms are filled with her stuff too. But its no biggie la she has so many stuff, being a top designer and model and all, judgeing by the number of LV luggage and carrier bags she lunges all over the globe. And guess what....she has 35 custom made Hermes Birkin Bags...boleh?

That's over the top too much.

Coz Eva Longoria pun only has hot pink....

*That's ELP's wardrobe...can you spot the Birkin Bag?*

Cute kan anjing dia?

Anyways, apart from the shoes, ELP is said to have 50 pairs of jeans.

Dasyat okay. When the hell did she find time to wear all 50 pairs?

Last one is Miley Cyrus's dressing room....

Again.....gothic pink motive. To come to think of it the color is lovely.....

Should I paint my room that color too? And have black chandeliers?

Gorgeous okay.

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