Monday, November 30, 2009

Weight Loss Tracker

Being in constant struggle with weight is a bitch, but then it helps to have free online weight loss tracker handy from time to time, especially when you are counting calories and keeping tabs of the workout to progress over time. My favourite weight loss tracker is from Prevention.Com.

Nak sign up senang je. Just go to the website and click to the "My Health Tracker" tab at the far right of the page. Fill in a simple registration form and voila! Off you go and start tracking your food intake and exercise regime.

So once you have registered you can update your goals and measurements under the profile tab and respective weight and measurement tabs. The online tool will automatically calculate your average required daily consumption based on your profile, so take your time to fill it in to reflect the lifestyle you're in. I punya quite simple, sebab my lifestyle is mostly sedentary with medium amount of workout, so they calculated that my total calories consumption should be somewhere in between 1200 to 1500 calories.

*Its almost accurate if you really fill in the profile honestly. My computation actually agrees with my electronic weight scanner kat umah. Sehari I burn and require about 1300 to 1400 calories*

What's good about this tracker is that you can update it on a daily basis...katalah gung ho kan....tapi kalau update periodically pun takpe (say a once a week ke or so)....they still can generate an updated bi-weekly and monthly report of your progress and measurement.

*sample of my entry today*

The section you will need to religiously update is the "Food Eaten" part and the "Activities and Exercise". I love the fact that you can custom your own food in the Food Eaten section, so kalau ambik nasi lemak ke, roti canai ke kan, memang sah la takde those items in their food u just customise the calorie/nutriemt content and add it to your customised food list. The only challenge is to get the info, tapi at bare minimum if your calculating calories for sure you tau calories intake you berapa, so we can just update that.

If you have a more comprehensive calorie and nutrient info and auto generated report can be made on the percentage of food eaten - broken down to carbs, protein and fat percentage. Nak lagi gung ho the nutrients pun boleh sub-analyse you can also keep track of the vitamins and minerals in food consumed.

Cool isn't it?

The only downside is that the "Activities and Exercise" list is a bit short. And tak boleh customise, so kalau buat activity-activity biasa (like running, swimming, jogging, walking, biking....the more general one's) boleh la you imput in to your online journal. Kata la you nak tab in weightlifting in detail tu kira kirim salam je la.

But still boleh la. Bukannya kita exercise gila-gila pun kan.

At the end of the day (or any period u wish, seminggu ke, sebulan ke) you can view various reports as follows....

Handy kan? Tak payah sibuk sibuk nak tekan calculator dah. Siap ada graf sekali.

Point to note : having an online health tracker would not guarantee weight loss unless you use the information to improve your eating and exercise habits.

Obviously the health tracker is a tool to help you look back and improve your diet and exercise regime. At any point of time you will have the ease of looking back at history of food eaten and take note of what you should or should not eat or do. On top of that, it can be quite a powerful tool as it makes you set a goal and work towards the goal you desire.

Tapi apa gunanya tool ni kalau tak update kan?And tak pernah review and ambik iktibar kan?

*Sigh. Terkena batang hidung sendiri. Grin*

Since I dah ada reliable broadband access for the next 3 months I vow to religiously update my health tracker. *grin*. Bukan sekadar nak lose weight saje, tapi juga to take advantage of their recipe book on eatingf healthy.

So expect a lot of home cooked meals this month!


Peace to living healthy!

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