Sunday, December 27, 2009

When all is (said and) done....

I feel so bloated!!!


All the food this past couple of days has been consumed in much excess that the thought of even eating another spoon of anything irks. Sigh. This is what happens when you're overfed. Sigh. All I had today is coffee and a set of toast with peanut butter, and I felt like it'll last me the whole day because I am so stuffed.

Like pigs in a blanket.


Waiting for my gym time to start. Plan to catch up with the 6pm yoga class in hope that I can somewhat detox out the toxins I accumulated over the weekends. Sigh. Seriously, my stomach doesn't feel so good, and it has been feeling a bit "sebu" since yesterday. Not a very good feeling I tell you.I wish that I can vacuum out whatever was stuck in between the pipes and get it over and done with tapi how to???

If there's a way let me know.

Now I wished that I am having my spa day today instead of last Wednesday. Sigh. The ultimate bliss. Kalau ada banyak duit to go and hang out there every day kan best?

Ngeh ngeh ngeh. Excessive spa mode.Takpe la, maybe I can go again in 3 months time, after I have accumulated much stress and tnsion from year end audit and the neverending workload - sigh, spa time should be an employee benefit. Maybe I should bring it up to the boss and suggest the company pays for all the staff to unwind?

*coz seriously, who cares about the aerobic's instructor anyway? even if he is one of the guest judges in sehati berdansa, it doesn't motivate me to join his class.....unless he teaches tango.....ehehheheheh*

At starbucks OU and 2 more stamps to go to a free organiser. Sape sape nak tolong belikan 2 grande sized fraps sila angkat tangan????? Coz I am practically vomitting toffee nut fraps right now and I really really really want the organiser...

*tetiba pulak, apa kaitan???*

Now I wish my Tito Manny is in town. He would buy a dozen fraps to get me that organiser.

Sob sob. Wishful thinking.

Maybe next xmas.

Less than a week to the new year, have you guys worked on your resolutions yet?

I tossed 2009 resolution out of the building when my engagement was cancelled. Sigh. I suppose its high time to build new dreams now and work on new stuff, but it feels kinda good to be just hanging.

But just hanging around will not get me anywhere.....


I wish I have the luxury to just hang.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Home sweet home....

The traffic at the Seremban Highway today is horrendous! Thank God that I am finally home, and (phewh!!!) manage to vacuum and did a bit of laundry. Now that my house is clean and all made up hati pun dah rasa a bit calm and serene, too bad I ran out of my favourite essentil oil, Lemograss, otherwise my home will be in a complete state of heaven and bliss....

Gonna be having supper at The Melting Pot @ Concorde with my supper buddies to celebrate xmas and new year, oh I am so loving it. But I haven't decided on what to wear yet....whether I should go all cincai or all dolled up! Hhahahahahh! I hope KL will be clear tonight, since everyone celebrated already. Benci la kalau kena stuck in a jam (lagi) just to go for supper!!!!


Before leaving for KL mommy had my measurements taken up and guess what, I lost 3 inches each at the chest , waist and hips. Hip hip, hooray! Azam tahun baru adalah untuk terus gigih mengekalkan cara hidup sihat....(oh yes, this is not just to get the inches off, this is also to make sure I get fit and healthy), I can't quit now....

...there's also my bestie's wedding coming up in 2010.....


Anywys, its 9,40 already. I better start getting ready, otherwise I'll be late.

We don't want to be late, don't we?

Friday, December 25, 2009

Whats better than custom made items for xmas????

Wanna see what kind of fear I have to live with day in and day out????

*My new ASUS EeePC - sleek and white*

I love the fact that its white but its a major concern to keep it white and clean, especially when I carry it around with me in my itsy bitsy handbag....

*okay, my handbag is not usually itsy bitsy.....its normally huge and roomy*

And its a tough cookie when I have practically EVERYTHING in my handbag - lippies, my loose powder, blush, mascara, wallet, phone, magazine - oh yes, at times i carry around my books and mags as well, so it can kinda go a bit caotic there.....with a capital C......

When it's all chaos so kesian la my new EeePC kan.....mana tau satu hari powder tertumpah then wth, kotor nanti the suci white skin?

Nanti satu hal pulak sebok nak tukar skin.


So the fabulous daughter got her awesome mother a cool C&K handbag for xmas and in return, she made her a custom-made uber cool lappy skin cover....with buttons!!!

*My mom at work*

So check out the new lappy skin cover.....

Ada satu je dalam Malaysia! Hahahahahhah!

*huge grin smacked on the face*

Good one!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Quick post!

It's xmas eve y'all and I am freaking excited to go back home coz mom made her macaroni, salad and roast chicken for dinner! Yeay!Waiting for Ani and Faiz who's on the way to pick me up - please be here ASAP coz I am starving!!!! Hahahahahh!

The spa session yesterday was awesome. Its the best thing I had this year and of course, will be blogging about it later. *grin*. Let's just say it was so wonderfull that I had a pretty good 12 hours sleep last night and am feeling on top of the world.

Mommy is making my new lappy a new cover. *smile*. Rather than spending hundreds on a skin I get to tailor made my own so crossing my fingers that I get to find some funky materials tomorrow.

I'd like to wish all a very merry xmas! You guys go party and have a good one ok!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Annual dinner piccas coming up!

Crashed KPMG's annual dinner last Thursday and partied my heart out...(ok, by accident partied my heart out). I have to say they have a cool band this year and it was way better than the time I was in the company, so yeah, I had fun!

Not all my buddies were around but we had fun anyways! *grin* But before I publish anything I need to screen the piccas first kay, so hold on your horses!

Now I got to get ready for my spa appointment!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just loaded my pics and boy I had a lot of them....

Just loaded the pics since last Wednesday and OMG, banyak nak mati.....nak edit pun ada feeling-feeling malas. Sigh. Here's the latest.....

Mika, stress sebab mak dia makan and dia kena dok dalam baby carrier. Muahahahahahah! Dah la tengah-tengah malam buta kan....why la kid, tak suka ke lepak ngan Auntie Zue?

Last weekend masa jumpa Mrs Dot patutnya I bawak Izzy sekalai, sebab Mrs Dot kan mak angkat dia....but then I dont have a carrier and Izzy just love to walk around in the car...risau aku. So Izzy kena tinggal....

Itu dia Izzy bagi muka sedih...kononnya nak ikot tapi tak boleh......

Kat umah Mrs Dot she served me with these yummylicious finger sandwiches....

Nasib baik cepat kalau tak Mr Leman makan semua. Percaya tak percaya it taste quite good.


Lepas gi umah Mrs Dot I dropped by at Shasha to send her some PreciousMe samples.

Itu dia scrub partay!!!!!!

Lately I have not been doing anything much. The only consistent bit I do everyday is run on the gym's strider abpout 40 minutes a day. After 5 days of non-stop exercise I rasa sangat penat...hari ni bangun pagi pun malas tahap gaban. I even nap for 4 hours at noon...which is not bliss sebab I woke up with a headache.

I hate waking up with a headache.

Menu hari ni simple je. I made porridge to go along with telur masin Shasha gave me on Sunday.....

Simple but nice!

Later today I had a meet up with Peep from PeepBoutique to get my hands on this gorgeous pairs of heels....

Oh yes.....4 inches of freaking bliss!!!! I love it! Money well spent!

On the way back singgah umah Shasha (lagi) for her home made begedil. Okay, I tak snap piccas tapi I tell you, her cooking is off the hook.....bestnya kalau dia masakkan untuk aku everyday.


Okay me sleepy. Me going to bed. Muah muah!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Good day so far....

Miss me????? I am on holiday la, so mood sangat malas la nak mengupdate. Big news number one, I got myself a brand new ASUS EeePC, and I am loving it mucho sebab ia sangat uber stylish, kecil comel and putih melepak macam McBook....with sleek all round built in stuff like camera, wifi and hati sangat sangat happy. Sekarang ni nak bwk lappy jalan jalan pun boleh buat ngan senang hati sebab ringan ya rabbi....and boleh fit dalam handbag...weehoooo!!!!


And sebab nak testing the built in camera here you go!!!!

*Muka ku yang super happy!*

So far things had been very good. I did my christmas shopping and nasib baik cukup ongkos di dalam bank to get everyone a lil something something. Tengokla bulan depan, meraban aku ikat perut...hahahhaahah. Kalau tak kurus lagi aku pun tak tau nak kata apa,pokai pun boleh gain weight. *blergh*. Will be spending christmas with mom this year and I hope dia masak sedap sedap! Ngeh ngeh ngeh! Ni anak jarang balik ni, sekali balik mau makan besar!!!!!

Cuti bulan dua masih belum approve ke hari ni, and macam sipi-sipi je plan nak berjimba di bangkok with my gal pals tu hampir ditendang ke luar tingkap due to my excessive spending. Tapi takpe takpe, lets look at this positively. Mana tau durian runtuh and claim masuk mid jan kan, boleh la berjimba lagi kan???

*I am crossing my fingers big time. Kalau tak boleh shopping kat bangkok pun dapat pi party pun jadi la! Yang penting I'm with my buddies kan???*

So far nothing big is planned for the next couple of days. I just plan to sit back and go with the flow, and in between finish up the bundle of tv series I hacked from Mrs Dot semalam. Banyak okay dia bagi - Drop Dead Gorgeous, Royal Pains, Secret Life of American Teenager, Privilledged (the last 2 disc) - then I have also Glee. Lebam mata nak abiskan by the coming weekend. Phewh. Camne ni? Maybe I have to clone myself, then cepat sikit abis.


But I am so looking forward to my spa day this coming wednesday. I first planned to go to VillaMay Byyu kat Shah Alam (as suggested by Nina) tapi I can't find the spa menu and bila I call dia suruh drop by dulu. Damn. I nak tengok spa menu dulu. So instead, I book time at Spa Artiyana (yang dah dekat 2 tahun I tak jengah) and booked a slot for their full body traditional package which consist of herbal steam, lulur, mandi bunga and massage.

Oh excitednya!

As of now I am just chilling at Starbucks while enjoying the xmas songs they're playing on air over a grande size Toffee Nut Frappucino. Heaven okay hidup. Bumped into that lady from 999 @ TV3 and she's looking gorgeous, I got a sudden wave of envy coz I wanna look that hot too! Oh my, tetiba je. But I love the holiday feeling. Everyone so laidback and jolly, all in a good mood....teringat xmas time in Manila with my Tito Manny and our starbucks trips.....


I miss everyone.

Okay, nak twitter pulak. Bubbye!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Precious Me Green Clay Mask - memang terbaik!

I use to spend hundreds thousands on beauty products coz to be frankly speaking, perempuan mana tak nak nampak lawa kan? There is always something I want to fix - from the all knowing blemishes and pimple scars to masalah muka kusam la and blackheads. I tried from over the counter stuff, to the most expensive creams in the market, but someway somehow the result is either dissapointing or average....and if there are stuff that really works (like my Creme de la Mer, oh i so love the texture and absorbency) its very very costly.


High maintenance.

But then I consider myself very lucky to get to know Precious Me sebab in 3 months using just the basic liquid facial wash, my clean is somewhat clearer. Last month I added 2 more new item from PreciousMe, the Anti Acne Pure Rose Water Toner and Aloe & pearl Moisturiser, and guess what....I am so happy with the results because these days, my skin is more balanced, pores less visible and not very oily anymore at noon.

Which is a plus plus plus. I've been fighting oily skin since school days...rasanya kalau kumpul semua minyak muka I time lunch hour boleh goreng ikan.


Last week I was given the honor to try the all new Green Clay Mask expecially formulated for oily and blemished skin. Its made by Green Clay, Corn flour and white clay (hmmm, i think) and added with essential oils such as tea tree oil and lavender.

Green Clay helps to control excess oil while the combo of essential oils mixed in the clay mask helps combats blemishes and soothes the skin. It also helps to reduce enlarged pores.

Masa dapat tu excited je....balik umah terus cuba!!!!

That's my skin before cleansing. Piccas are all unedited, so please bear with me. Ye lah, kalau edit defeats the purpose la kan?

Look at how clear my skin is now? Dah tak perlu susah susah pakai 10 jenis serum sebelum tido, nowadays I just stick with PreciousMe moisturiser and toner, and Estee lauder's Advanced Night Serum. Itu pun serum I pakai only once every alternate days.

Focus kita hari ini is to the step by step use of the clay mask and its verdict, so here it goes....

Clockwise is the mask mixing set (all made of rubber so as to not activate the properties in the clay), PreciousMe's Liquid Cleanser, a tub of Green Clay Mask (in which of course takde la kita pakai satu botol, we will only scoop a bit for use later), PreciousMe's Aloe & Pearl Moisturiser and PreciousMe's Anti-Acne Pure Rosewater Toner.

First step is to clean the face and neck. Squint a 10 sen size liquid facial wash to the palm of your hands and massage lightly on the face. The liquid cleanser won't foam but will only slightly lather, removing dirt and excess oil from the surface of the skin. Tak payah massage lama-lama, about a few minutes cukup...them just rinse with water.

I like the feeling after rinsing because it leaves a clean feeling, not tightness. U know la kan how sometimes certain product buat kulit rasa tegang alam je kan? This one doesn't.

One dah rinse just lightly dab a towel on your face to dry the skin. Once dah kering I start mixing my clay mask....

Itu dia, complete mixing set siap ada scoop in 3 different sizes, spatula and a brush. Kalau pakai mask ni elok ada mask sebab dia liquid and basah-basah kan,with a brush it'll be easier to apply.

I scoop a small scoopof the Green Clay mask to the mixing bowl and added about another scoop of water. Then can mix mix mix dengan spatula.

Just mix sampai rata. Kalau rasa cair you can always add a few more scoops to make it more concentrated, tapi that night I cuba with one scoop saje cukup. Quite light la but I think its already good enough for me.

I use the brush to evnly applied the mask on my face.

Once applied, i simply leave it to dry for about 10 minutes. There's a slight cooling and tingling sensation, but nothing over the edged la. Maybe that's from the tea tree oil la.

Once dah kering, I simply wash it off with water and....

....apllied my Anti Acne Pure Rose water toner and Aloe & Pearl Moisturiser.


Kulit bersih berseri bak salju. It has been almost 3 days since I tried it and the oil on my face had reduced tremendously, not to mention the instant pore tightening effect that you can immediately see when you wash off the mask.

100% satisfied! Harus aku pakai every week.

*hati gumbira!!!!*

To those yang ada dry or normal skin jangan risau, if you guys nak try then if I am not mistaken Preciousme has the mask in Pink Clay that suits dry/normal skin better. Tak teringin nak mencuba ke?

A bottle will retail somewhere between RM30 to RM35 (tak sure....pleaase inquire with PreciousMe if interested).

Apa tunggu lagi?

*PreciousMe has this customer satisfaction policy whereby they will replace/change the product that you're not satisfied with (by reasonable means of course) and since the price is so value for money, so apa salahnya mencuba kan? I know I'm loving it!*

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Video of Izzy Playing Ball

Izzy is almost 6 months now, how time flies. She is no longer the cute little kitty I brought home a while back, suddenly she grew up to this long and lean cat...I wish she could stay small a while longer.


Tapi kan....dia tak gemok! I am a tad dissapointed there. I want a full and fat cat macam Garfield. That's why I keep on feeding her endlessly, tak pernah la nak catu-catu cat food ni. But then tengok dia slim semacam je tetiba je aku tuan kucing punya la berdiet bagai sangat la susah nak lose weight, si kucing pulak maintain je slim...makan la 2 bowl cat food sehari pun.


Last weekend when I was letting Izzy out she went around the house playing with her ball toy. The ball has bells inside it, so when she nudge it around it will ring profusely. Selalunya dia tak suka main ball ni, she usually prefers her fake mousey. If she plays that mousey its even worse, sometimes she drags the poor thing all around the house the whole day with her mouth, its a good thing that it was never alive in the first place. Hahahahah!

*geget jangan tak geget*

So while she was all into the ball, I decided to take a video of her, tapi bila tangkap video mula la kucing aku ni control-control and malu-malu alah. Sigh.

Apa da.....

Kucing pun tau bila nak kena publicise these days. Kenal camera. hahahahah!

Tapi cute kan?

The Day I Skated and Failed...Literally Speaking

Yesterday was a stressfull day. Gila la. I wish to not recap it. Its so horrible I am stashing it way back in my skeleton closet. Anyways, I finally get to use the skating tix I got from my Project Alpha winnings last weekend, and I decided it'll be a good family thingy since mommy and my siblings are in town.

So here we are, at the Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating Ring. Despite dapat tiket free still kena pay up for the gloves and socks coz none of us were ever told to bring our own, tapi its okay la...the fee is minimal.

Sebelum masuk the ring we have to scan our paper bracelet through the scanners. Punya la lama waiting for the beep.

It was a weekend so the ring was full. Everyone seems to be having loads of fun and I was allpsyched up because it was my first time skating. Roller blade pun tak pernah okay. I was never a superfreak for speed so this was never my turf. My sister on the other hand, had her own set of roller blades since she was 12 so this is nothing to her.

Me in my skating shoes. Kena ikat ketat-ketat, otherwise you wont balance and all. Plus kalau lose then less control you will have on the ice.

I went on ice and it was.....

....a HORRIBLE experince!

Don't expect to seen piccas, because I was on edged most of the time all of them turn out a disaster.

Yeah, disaster photos.

I hate it. I keep on skating backwards and fear than I might fall on my head. There seem to be no breaks anywhere (neither kat depan or belakang the shoes) and both my legs keep on going to two different directions simultaneously, its hard to glide like a swan.

Poor me.

After 2 laps (itupun hanging on to Ani while some saiko guy can't stop twirling around off) I concluded that I had enough and ran out of the ring...

Obviously there won't be any second time for me, tapi Ani tarik I balik to the ring and I did 5 laps in total by the end of my one hour skating escapades.

Sangat memalukan.

So this is something I would never ever ever do again. Guys, cross out dating on the skating ring with me....skating is so not my thing.

The rest had a great time. They do laps and laps on the ring while leaving poor me behind to be vulchered in between seasoned pro's and kiddies.

We were only ushered out when they want to clean the ice. Penat okay tunggu so we camwhored!

Last but not the least,before I left for the mall I manage to catch a picca of the "Uncle" who keep on twirling around me while I struggling to survive on ice....

Avoid this man at all cost!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Envy envy....

Just went off the phone with Abby and she lost 5 kilos this week. Bitch! Hahahhaah! Not that I am not happy for her, but then I am so jealous. Tak puas hati la ni since my weight this past 10 days had been yp-yo ing at the same range of plus minus 1 kilo without any sign of ever dropping (thanks to my exuberant eating out escapades lately , shame on me) so now I am all fired up dengan azam baru sebab....


...otherwise target weight by the end of the year will not be achieved.

That will even be a bigger bummer.


So we've been going through her new exercise and diet regime (and all the do's and don'ts) her personal trainer put her through and I am going to try out some of her crazy exercise do's like...

1. Run 1000 calories a day every day

Oh my. Ini sangat susah. At the moment I do 600 calories per run 3 times a week. Of course, I can see the results in now on my calves and ass but daily? Mampukah? So esok nak start trying it out for 3 days, let see what happens by Wednesday.

2. Do weight training together with my cardio training

The run is considered my cardio workout la. And memang I tahu pun I need a lot of it because of all the nasi lemak and teh tarik (and coffee, shame on me again) I consumed. All this while my weight training has been yoga, so sekarang ni kena just raise the bar up a notch and to target training to attack specific muscle groups (like my abs, my thigh and my arms...eeerrrgh, geramnya!). Anyhow, that already started today, coz I tried a couple of gym equipment while at gym with Jo and got to get to know another trainer, Afif, who corrected me on my glutes machine.

So next Saturday is Hari Bersenam Bersama Afif - the intro to Weights Edition so hold on your horses people, I have plans to bring my camera and document it all to share.

Ngeh ngeh ngeh. Ke situ pulak.

3. Don't lag on my diet!

Ah ini sangat susah. Aiyo. I always terbabas at tea time, especially bila bos suruh diorang beli cekodok so we can all have a tea time break. Damn you cekodok yang sedap! Sigh! Anyhow if I want to see results so I better watch what I eat, so point to self, get more greens and fruits for snacks and eat right! Watch oout on the rice intake too!!

4. Get enough water, sleep and rest.

Yes siree...ini penting!!!!!!So with that I have to cut my caffeine intake (sob sob sob) and I an starting with switching my mug into a much much much smaller size. I can't deprive myself of coffee, that will be suicidal, but what I can do is take starting from tomorrow that will be cut down too, with immediate effect.

And with that I am officially replacing all sweety drinks to just plain H20. Not that I have never done it before, I have such sweet tooth kan, so selalu terbabas ambik coke la, air mata kucing la apa la. So that has to go and be "for special occasion only".

And as for rest, I am going to make sure I have my standard 6 to 8 hours of sleep. No matter what. So no more excuse to stay up late and watch DVD's.

Oh, baru 4 point and it sounds military aite? Yeah. Coz losing weight is a bitch and I want my ex to suffer when they see me and think about what he lost. Moreover I am doing this for myself. I had the satisfaction looking at people's faces recently when they finally met me after months, a bit trimmed up and'll be fun to see them shocked when I am back to my ideal weight.


Most probably they thought it can never be done. So I am on a mission to prove them wrong.

So this enviousness is a good thing. Hard work starts tomorrow.


Weekend so far

Strutted my 4 inch high heels at TSB last night with Komala simply because we're both bored at home. *grin*. And we had a great time catching up (yeah,we did loads of catching up) and laughing at white men dancing the chicken dance all night!

*oh yes, they did the whole chicken dance even on R&B tunes, and if its not the chicken dance - they go all robotic in between rap.Hahahaah. Nasib baik aku tak jahat ambik video. Hahahahah*

The crowd was okay for a Saturday night,not so packed and just good enough to "cuci mata" for a good couple of hours. We got seats at the bar, and a couple of seats away were a bunch of guys who had had too much to drink and had red eyes on them, and when they stare, they did it unabashedly.

Seriously scary. Macam saiko je stare at people with red eyes and all. Macam nak makan orang je. Don't they know that it's rude to stare?

That night we made friends with the bartender, Arwin, who turns out to be a Celebrity Fitness instructor as well. Yeay! Now I got someone to actually help me with weights. *grin*.Arwin acts kinda cute. He'd been trying his best all night to introduce Komala to the cocktails they have in the drinking menu but then to be frankly speaking, I know Komala and those cocktails are just a tad too girly for her taste. Hahahaha. But he got an "A" for effort and he's a great talker, so we had fun!

Mr Saiko Red Eyed Guy came over to our seats sometime around 2am and asked whether we're regulars. *jeez, dia berkenan kat Komala rupanya*. Thank God he didn't asked for numbers and simply said meet you guys next week and said his goodbyes.


As if la kan next week we're gonna be there! *blergh* Oh, my ex firm is throwing their annual dinner on the 17th and I am crashing the after party, so yeah, this weekend party starts a bit early.


On another note, just for you party goers out there, TSB is closing end of this month and they're throwing their farewell party on the 19th with a "Fire & Ice" theme. So why don't you guys just hit the place one last time and party before they close down completely yeah?

And when they do, lets flock their new sister bar "Pressroom" @ BSC and make it the new "IT" place!


Friday, December 11, 2009

On Making an Effort to Dress Up

After hanging out with Nina I have been taking some time to reasses the way I dress day in and day out. Okay, not that I dress boringly or sengaja selekeh mak limah ke apa, but then there is a point in dressing up. Its not suppose to be only about how others will perceive you, but also about how you will perceive yourself. Because seriously, kalau you la kena menatap orang tiap-tiap hari dengan muka kusam and baju setakat pakai lepas ala kadar je mesti stress kan?

Some of us doesn't even care what we put on ourselves and simply pakai whatever is left hanging in the rack that is somewhat presentable to work Why whould that be? I have to admit that sometimes I malas jugak nak dress up and take it for granted but to come to think of it, if I don't appreciate myself and dress well then who am I to blame kalau orang kata I ni tak pandai nak dress up?

*okay, vain mode dah start*

So this past couple of days I've been adding new stuff to my daily outfit. Nothing new. Most of it are belts and chunky jewelleries that I already have but rarely used sebab rasa macam overdone and all.

And coz today is Friday,I dressed down tapi added the belt that suddenly made my cotton dress top look so chic....

*love it - had my black Gladiators on and I am all set*

Now I think I should make a point to plan what I wear for the week on weekends so I don't simply tarik tarik baju je out of my closet every morning.

*grin- yes I tend to do that too - all the time*

And once that is done and made routine, maybe I can start putting on make-up on a daily basis supaya rakan sejawat tak lari menjerit tengok muka I yang pucat lesi?

*good idea*

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My niece all grown up!

She's now officially the cutest little thing on earth!

*pic courtesy of my cousin Michelle's FB.I just can't resist*

Sangat adorable kan? Macam Suri Cruise, heheheheh....OMG, she grew up so fast and I haven't seen her once! Damn! It feels like its just yesterday she was born, now she's all big!

Bila dah besar nanti apa la rupanya? Mesti jadi gadis idaman semua lelaki.


Well, I have a quarter of her genes you know.Technically speaking.


Apa kena ngan aku nih???

I have been feeling kinda moody lately, dengan jiwa resah meronta-ronta inside, in which is totally unexplainable by any circumstances because I have no drama in my life lately to pin it to. Sigh. Maybe I just takde mood nak pergi kenduri kawin my mom's army friends this week, but its not as if I can't skip it if I want to. Ntah la, lately ni my feelings is like a rollercoaster on a never ending track...

Which make me seek solace in these...

*thanks Nina, the choc's are heavenly....dah la I dah lama tak makan chocs kan*

This feeling is definitely not good....memandangkan its December and all, and its making me very very demotivated to a point that I dont want to even have a look into things I am suppose to do and play Bejewelled Blitz instead.

*of course, takkan nak main Bejewelled the whole day kan, so kena la buat kerja jugak*


Hope this feeling wears off fast. I can't afford to keep on procrastinating.

What the hell is happening with my FB?

Stress okay, I can't update stats, approve people or comment in FB since yesterday. Mak aih, sakitnya hati bila jadi IT slave ni. Tekan la button "update" tu berkali-kali yet still fail.


Dah la semangat nak komen kat FB rakan-rakan sebaya kan.


Tu belum kira frustation main Bejewelled Blitz lagi.


I need food.

Had my first Bubba Gump dish yesterday at my bimonthly besties meeting. The dish was okay la, and we had this psycho friendly waitress that at some point, agak scary. Dah la we all susah gila nak jumpa and suddenly the waitress was hogging us macam nak try jadi best friend. OMG, wth?


My besties are very busy people that we made it a point to actually put a "must meet do" in our calendar so we wont miss out on the happenings of our lives. Otherwise friendship would just drift kan? We were so blessed, yesterday was our 7th year anniversary of knowing each other.....oh yeah, we met exactly 7 years ago when we first joined PwC as "associates" and boy look how far we have gone - from fresh out of uni with no experience, through boyfriends, broken hearts, engagements, marriage and now kids.

We got all excited yesterday when we get wind a wedding is coming up soon. Yeay! I soka! especially this couple, one of my favourite okay!


When I left it was almost 10pm, tired and ready to hit the sack.

*with a smile*

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Girls' Night Out

Abby mula-mula ajak pergi Zeta Bar, dah excited nak mati siap teman si Mrs Yolkies curl curl rambut lagi sekali Abby cancel.

Ces. Boleh tak?


Takkan dah cantek cantek nak melangut kat umah je kan. So we got ready anyway, and decided that we should go somewhere nearby. I never hung out kat Laundry Bar on weekends so I said...

"Laundr okeh?"


That night Mrs Yolkies raided my wardrobe and grabbed the pink tube top I had for Tina's bachelor party. Sigh. Dah more than a year bajutu and I only wore it twice! Sigh. To come to think of it, banyak je baju kat closet tu that was treated that way, so I pun tak puas hati and grabbed something that is old yet barely used....

Oh my god, last time I tried this top about 6 months ago the tummy area failed miserably I tuck it back to the deep end of my wardrobe. But tonight the curves fall perfectly.

*Point to note : Have to go back to gym and do more of torso twist. Me likey the effect*

I went an extra mile with the eye-makeup since Mrs Yolkies spent ages on hers, terasa macam understated pulak getting ready next to her...

Selalunya I make-up simple-simple je because I am the type yang tak suka belek muka for a century lamanya. But then don't think I can't do make-up okay. When I really put an effort to it I know I can look drop dead gorgeous.

*Okay, you're allowed to puke now*

We arrived quite early (yeah, like 11pm, awal tak awal) because we don't want to miss a table. But then the crowd doesn't build up till midnight, and we just spent the time chilling and gossipping.

What? dancefloor kosong?

Itu sebelum midnight. After that you don't even have space to breath. Literally speaking.

The crowd were mostly 20 to 30 something yuppies and DJ Fuzz were spinnuing non-stop hits, to come to think of it the music is quite up to date and the mix is not so bad. Tapi laundry bar kan is more like a chill place than a club, so we do have people who are just chilling at the open air area while watching astro sports and having a great time with their buddies.

So sangat laid-back. Takde la hectic.

As the crowd builts up the dancefloor got packed, sampai nak move around pun tak boleh. Sebab tu bila Jejaka A ajak menari 5 minit je aku kat dancefloor tu, after that I ran away sebab sompah tak larat nak keep on rubbing my *ss against strangers who breath only seconds away. Yeah, if you wanna dance at least have enough space for personal expression and be noticeable as a good dancer.


In between 1am to 2am I actually went to the Ice Bar @ Sanctuary (on top of Laundry Bar) for 15 minutes of eskimo experience. Oh my, Sanctuary lagi packed nak mati okay. And the music was a blast. Now we know where all the damansara people hung out.


It has been ages since I arrived home at 3am. The last was last Friday.


Its Wednesday already????

Its taking ages to load the video I took at the Ship last Friday....sigh...dalam hati nak sangat share kat sebab "akak" tu menari sangat seksi, tapi kalau sekejap lagi my attempt to load it fails then too bad la. Maybe its not meant to be shared, ahahahahhaahahah!

I had a blast hanging out with Nina and her girlfriends @ Delicious after work yesterday and I have to say that I am getting positive vibes from these people and I'm loving it! *grin* Dah la sekarang ni tengah PMS kan, tengok christmas tree pun boleh emo and rasa macam nak nangis kan....please don't ask me why I am so emotional lately because to be frankly speaking I tak tahu. There's no particular reason or any significant event involving a christmas tree that can make my eyes tear (not that anything cross my mind) is just that the feeling tu....when I walk and see all the happy faces and the xmas deco kan suddenly i rasa macam nak nangis je....


I need a holiday.

Damn. Komala, kenapa la ko cancel on me?


*its okay babe. I still love you. takkan sebab cancel sekali aku nak merajuk kan?*

Yang pastinya hanging out with the girls yesterday made me feel better....I went home feeling not so sappy anymore. *grin*. And I am still feeling good today.

Thank God for good girlfriends!

Oh here it is, finally. 2 jam okay loading. Gila. hahahahaha.

Back to Sexy Diva....hahahaha....for those who didn't know The Ship @KL has nightly Sexy Diva Cabaret shows in between their band performance and god, my jaw almost dropped tengok akak-akak goyang badan atas pentas malam tu. *grin*. I have to say their surgeon did quite a good leg and bood job, sebab seriously, semuanya keras mantap.


Ingatkan nak post the piccas tapi bila tengok balik semuanya kelabu, so untuk entertainment today let me share one of the clip taken while they were dancing Jaiho.

*sexy kan? I pun tak gheti menari macam ni.....sigh, kalau kawin nak lawan dance macam ni kena masuk kelas pole dancing tak?*

Oh my, Friday night was a blast. The Diva's were funny. The club was full. The gang was fun. I had a good time.


Anyways, mom is coming over for a kenduri this weekend. Bummer. Camne nak keluar ngan Jejaka A ni? I couldn't say no when he's such and eye candy?

*notakaki : jejaka A ditemui di laundry bar minggu lepas. Cute okay. Yeah, lets all drool*


Enjoyed the clip?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mafia Themed Friday Night Party @ The Ship KL

It was Friday night and everyone was out having fun, so why shouldn't I? My Party Gals were throwing a party for one of the guys in the group and I had a blast! Rasanya macam tak nak balik je...heheheh.

It started off biasa la with dinner and drinks but then I skipped dinner for work and only joined the group much later.It was a big crowd of about 15 of us that night, so it was really really huge.

I love this picca, my make-up look so serene...hahahahahah! Era's too! Took a lot of pics that night but then biasa la, dah banyak-banyak takkan nak load semua?

Weehoo....y'all Ms Diva is back. You guys miss her? Dah lama okay tak jumpa minah ni, selalunya busy je kan....

And in the spirit of celebrating birthdays, obviously there's cake kan....

Sedap okay cuppies ni, ntah mana ntah diorang beli.....

I had two....hahahahah!

Okay, you're not suppose to spread the word.

Anyways, I went out again the next night.


Tetiba balik ke Party Girl mode. Sigh. Alas, I am my own poison. I still hurt inside. And I am still seeking solace.