Thursday, December 10, 2009

Apa kena ngan aku nih???

I have been feeling kinda moody lately, dengan jiwa resah meronta-ronta inside, in which is totally unexplainable by any circumstances because I have no drama in my life lately to pin it to. Sigh. Maybe I just takde mood nak pergi kenduri kawin my mom's army friends this week, but its not as if I can't skip it if I want to. Ntah la, lately ni my feelings is like a rollercoaster on a never ending track...

Which make me seek solace in these...

*thanks Nina, the choc's are heavenly....dah la I dah lama tak makan chocs kan*

This feeling is definitely not good....memandangkan its December and all, and its making me very very demotivated to a point that I dont want to even have a look into things I am suppose to do and play Bejewelled Blitz instead.

*of course, takkan nak main Bejewelled the whole day kan, so kena la buat kerja jugak*


Hope this feeling wears off fast. I can't afford to keep on procrastinating.


shasha said...

yup..aku pun sekarang adalah jiwa kacau...apa nak buat pun tatau laa...

Sweettooth said...

itu ajelah yg mampu i bagi...coz dah 1 wk since i came back hehehe... it was grrreat lepaking with u :)

Zuraida said...

patience is a virtue. *grin*. anyways, if u need somebody to have coffee with just call, k?

Babe, that 4 pieces of chocs pun dah buat i happy okay. Its been ages since I even go near a bar of choc, so its a great treat.


I L.O.V.E hanging with you guys...its so cool! Lain kali ajak I lagi okay?