Monday, December 7, 2009

Body scrubs galore

Salmah from PreciousMe is very generous in sharing her home-made scrub which instantly created a rift raft at office when I get the whole department all psyched in testing the sweet scented stuff...

*The scrub sample kit provided by Salmah yesterday to be sampled by my friends*

I personally have a bottle of Strawberry Body Polish in my fridge at home (kan all natural stuff, best preserved in the fridge) and I am a lover of her Salt Body Polish....imagine how happy I was to be able to get the scrubs in all flavor to work!


I love the after shower feeling when I use the scrubs - its sweet scented and it makes my skin baby soft. Sigh. Its 100% homemade and all natural, so you don't have to worry about preservatives or counter reaction - unless you are allergic to certain natural oils kan, you better let us know so that if you do have interested in having a jar, Salmah can tweek the content of the scrub to be more friendly and effective for you. *grin*.And its only RM25 per jar okay, sangat value for money. Harga lagi murah dari beli body wash kat BodyShop.


Anyways if you're in Taman Tun/BU area and interested to try you can give me a holler. The downside is I may not have enough small containers to scoop the stuff out sebab the containers Salmah gave me is fast running out! So yeah, maybe if you have like a small mini plastic container or a plastic sheet will help, if you want to bring a sample to try on your whole body.

Trust me, I will give enough for you to scrub your body clean.


But then again, offer valid while stock last okay.

Check out her website for more details of the content in the scrub, its benefits and other stuff she has in store!


StreetJob said...

I would love to try it out..but how to get it? I got no problem to get it frm u.

Zuraida said...

Dear streetjob,
I can help get it for you but you would have to come to Mid Valley and get it from me.I work at Gardens Mid Valley, so anytime weekday is fine.

Drop by I can pass you the sample. Email me at

Alternatively u can contact my friend Salmah directly, she owns the site You can get her email there. She can get her orders delivered with a minimal shipping fee.