Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Day I Skated and Failed...Literally Speaking

Yesterday was a stressfull day. Gila la. I wish to not recap it. Its so horrible I am stashing it way back in my skeleton closet. Anyways, I finally get to use the skating tix I got from my Project Alpha winnings last weekend, and I decided it'll be a good family thingy since mommy and my siblings are in town.

So here we are, at the Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating Ring. Despite dapat tiket free still kena pay up for the gloves and socks coz none of us were ever told to bring our own, tapi its okay la...the fee is minimal.

Sebelum masuk the ring we have to scan our paper bracelet through the scanners. Punya la lama waiting for the beep.

It was a weekend so the ring was full. Everyone seems to be having loads of fun and I was allpsyched up because it was my first time skating. Roller blade pun tak pernah okay. I was never a superfreak for speed so this was never my turf. My sister on the other hand, had her own set of roller blades since she was 12 so this is nothing to her.

Me in my skating shoes. Kena ikat ketat-ketat, otherwise you wont balance and all. Plus kalau lose then less control you will have on the ice.

I went on ice and it was.....

....a HORRIBLE experince!

Don't expect to seen piccas, because I was on edged most of the time all of them turn out a disaster.

Yeah, disaster photos.

I hate it. I keep on skating backwards and fear than I might fall on my head. There seem to be no breaks anywhere (neither kat depan or belakang the shoes) and both my legs keep on going to two different directions simultaneously, its hard to glide like a swan.

Poor me.

After 2 laps (itupun hanging on to Ani while some saiko guy can't stop twirling around us....huh...show off) I concluded that I had enough and ran out of the ring...

Obviously there won't be any second time for me, tapi Ani tarik I balik to the ring and I did 5 laps in total by the end of my one hour skating escapades.

Sangat memalukan.

So this is something I would never ever ever do again. Guys, cross out dating on the skating ring with me....skating is so not my thing.

The rest had a great time. They do laps and laps on the ring while leaving poor me behind to be vulchered in between seasoned pro's and kiddies.

We were only ushered out when they want to clean the ice. Penat okay tunggu so we camwhored!

Last but not the least,before I left for the mall I manage to catch a picca of the "Uncle" who keep on twirling around me while I struggling to survive on ice....

Avoid this man at all cost!



shasha said...

alamak...kalo aku yg skate kat situ..maunya pecah ring tu bila aku jatuh terduduk..punggung besar yg jatuh la katakan..huhuh

hotcocoa said...

so not my thing oso!! gile takut kot T_T