Sunday, December 13, 2009

Envy envy....

Just went off the phone with Abby and she lost 5 kilos this week. Bitch! Hahahhaah! Not that I am not happy for her, but then I am so jealous. Tak puas hati la ni since my weight this past 10 days had been yp-yo ing at the same range of plus minus 1 kilo without any sign of ever dropping (thanks to my exuberant eating out escapades lately , shame on me) so now I am all fired up dengan azam baru sebab....


...otherwise target weight by the end of the year will not be achieved.

That will even be a bigger bummer.


So we've been going through her new exercise and diet regime (and all the do's and don'ts) her personal trainer put her through and I am going to try out some of her crazy exercise do's like...

1. Run 1000 calories a day every day

Oh my. Ini sangat susah. At the moment I do 600 calories per run 3 times a week. Of course, I can see the results in now on my calves and ass but daily? Mampukah? So esok nak start trying it out for 3 days, let see what happens by Wednesday.

2. Do weight training together with my cardio training

The run is considered my cardio workout la. And memang I tahu pun I need a lot of it because of all the nasi lemak and teh tarik (and coffee, shame on me again) I consumed. All this while my weight training has been yoga, so sekarang ni kena just raise the bar up a notch and to target training to attack specific muscle groups (like my abs, my thigh and my arms...eeerrrgh, geramnya!). Anyhow, that already started today, coz I tried a couple of gym equipment while at gym with Jo and got to get to know another trainer, Afif, who corrected me on my glutes machine.

So next Saturday is Hari Bersenam Bersama Afif - the intro to Weights Edition so hold on your horses people, I have plans to bring my camera and document it all to share.

Ngeh ngeh ngeh. Ke situ pulak.

3. Don't lag on my diet!

Ah ini sangat susah. Aiyo. I always terbabas at tea time, especially bila bos suruh diorang beli cekodok so we can all have a tea time break. Damn you cekodok yang sedap! Sigh! Anyhow if I want to see results so I better watch what I eat, so point to self, get more greens and fruits for snacks and eat right! Watch oout on the rice intake too!!

4. Get enough water, sleep and rest.

Yes siree...ini penting!!!!!!So with that I have to cut my caffeine intake (sob sob sob) and I an starting with switching my mug into a much much much smaller size. I can't deprive myself of coffee, that will be suicidal, but what I can do is take starting from tomorrow that will be cut down too, with immediate effect.

And with that I am officially replacing all sweety drinks to just plain H20. Not that I have never done it before, I have such sweet tooth kan, so selalu terbabas ambik coke la, air mata kucing la apa la. So that has to go and be "for special occasion only".

And as for rest, I am going to make sure I have my standard 6 to 8 hours of sleep. No matter what. So no more excuse to stay up late and watch DVD's.

Oh, baru 4 point and it sounds military aite? Yeah. Coz losing weight is a bitch and I want my ex to suffer when they see me and think about what he lost. Moreover I am doing this for myself. I had the satisfaction looking at people's faces recently when they finally met me after months, a bit trimmed up and'll be fun to see them shocked when I am back to my ideal weight.


Most probably they thought it can never be done. So I am on a mission to prove them wrong.

So this enviousness is a good thing. Hard work starts tomorrow.



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Greetings from Italy

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