Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Girls' Night Out

Abby mula-mula ajak pergi Zeta Bar, dah excited nak mati siap teman si Mrs Yolkies curl curl rambut lagi sekali Abby cancel.

Ces. Boleh tak?


Takkan dah cantek cantek nak melangut kat umah je kan. So we got ready anyway, and decided that we should go somewhere nearby. I never hung out kat Laundry Bar on weekends so I said...

"Laundr okeh?"


That night Mrs Yolkies raided my wardrobe and grabbed the pink tube top I had for Tina's bachelor party. Sigh. Dah more than a year bajutu and I only wore it twice! Sigh. To come to think of it, banyak je baju kat closet tu that was treated that way, so I pun tak puas hati and grabbed something that is old yet barely used....

Oh my god, last time I tried this top about 6 months ago the tummy area failed miserably I tuck it back to the deep end of my wardrobe. But tonight the curves fall perfectly.

*Point to note : Have to go back to gym and do more of torso twist. Me likey the effect*

I went an extra mile with the eye-makeup since Mrs Yolkies spent ages on hers, terasa macam understated pulak getting ready next to her...

Selalunya I make-up simple-simple je because I am the type yang tak suka belek muka for a century lamanya. But then don't think I can't do make-up okay. When I really put an effort to it I know I can look drop dead gorgeous.

*Okay, you're allowed to puke now*

We arrived quite early (yeah, like 11pm, awal tak awal) because we don't want to miss a table. But then the crowd doesn't build up till midnight, and we just spent the time chilling and gossipping.

What? dancefloor kosong?

Itu sebelum midnight. After that you don't even have space to breath. Literally speaking.

The crowd were mostly 20 to 30 something yuppies and DJ Fuzz were spinnuing non-stop hits, to come to think of it the music is quite up to date and the mix is not so bad. Tapi laundry bar kan is more like a chill place than a club, so we do have people who are just chilling at the open air area while watching astro sports and having a great time with their buddies.

So sangat laid-back. Takde la hectic.

As the crowd builts up the dancefloor got packed, sampai nak move around pun tak boleh. Sebab tu bila Jejaka A ajak menari 5 minit je aku kat dancefloor tu, after that I ran away sebab sompah tak larat nak keep on rubbing my *ss against strangers who breath only seconds away. Yeah, if you wanna dance at least have enough space for personal expression and be noticeable as a good dancer.


In between 1am to 2am I actually went to the Ice Bar @ Sanctuary (on top of Laundry Bar) for 15 minutes of eskimo experience. Oh my, Sanctuary lagi packed nak mati okay. And the music was a blast. Now we know where all the damansara people hung out.


It has been ages since I arrived home at 3am. The last was last Friday.



shasha said...

start cuti from 17 to 27th!!..jom bowling jom!!

Anonymous said...

I love your make up...clean and chic.May i know what brand you using?

Zuraida said...

hey shasha,
boleh me!

oh my makeup pun memang simple je. I'm using BodyShop's Mineral Foundation in 03, PreciousMe's lavender Mineral Face Powder, a tint of Blush and lip gloss from the Estee lauder's Blockbuster collection. My eyes are done with Elianto eyeshadows, nice aite?

hotcocoa said...

lenkali kene join ni, hehehe ;p

Zuraida said...

hotcocoa dearie,
nak join? boleh2. kita buat click hang out di Laundry Bar.


buzz me.