Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Its Wednesday already????

Its taking ages to load the video I took at the Ship last Friday....sigh...dalam hati nak sangat share kat sebab "akak" tu menari sangat seksi, tapi kalau sekejap lagi my attempt to load it fails then too bad la. Maybe its not meant to be shared, ahahahahhaahahah!

I had a blast hanging out with Nina and her girlfriends @ Delicious after work yesterday and I have to say that I am getting positive vibes from these people and I'm loving it! *grin* Dah la sekarang ni tengah PMS kan, tengok christmas tree pun boleh emo and rasa macam nak nangis kan....please don't ask me why I am so emotional lately because to be frankly speaking I tak tahu. There's no particular reason or any significant event involving a christmas tree that can make my eyes tear (not that anything cross my mind) is just that the feeling tu....when I walk and see all the happy faces and the xmas deco kan suddenly i rasa macam nak nangis je....


I need a holiday.

Damn. Komala, kenapa la ko cancel on me?


*its okay babe. I still love you. takkan sebab cancel sekali aku nak merajuk kan?*

Yang pastinya hanging out with the girls yesterday made me feel better....I went home feeling not so sappy anymore. *grin*. And I am still feeling good today.

Thank God for good girlfriends!

Oh here it is, finally. 2 jam okay loading. Gila. hahahahaha.

Back to Sexy Diva....hahahaha....for those who didn't know The Ship @KL has nightly Sexy Diva Cabaret shows in between their band performance and god, my jaw almost dropped tengok akak-akak goyang badan atas pentas malam tu. *grin*. I have to say their surgeon did quite a good leg and bood job, sebab seriously, semuanya keras mantap.


Ingatkan nak post the piccas tapi bila tengok balik semuanya kelabu, so untuk entertainment today let me share one of the clip taken while they were dancing Jaiho.

*sexy kan? I pun tak gheti menari macam ni.....sigh, kalau kawin nak lawan dance macam ni kena masuk kelas pole dancing tak?*

Oh my, Friday night was a blast. The Diva's were funny. The club was full. The gang was fun. I had a good time.


Anyways, mom is coming over for a kenduri this weekend. Bummer. Camne nak keluar ngan Jejaka A ni? I couldn't say no when he's such and eye candy?

*notakaki : jejaka A ditemui di laundry bar minggu lepas. Cute okay. Yeah, lets all drool*


Enjoyed the clip?


shasha said...

uit....jejaka A!!!!!...pic please..huhuhuhu!!!!

Zuraida said...

Tak ambik gambar dia la. hahahaha. tapi kiut budak tu, baru 26.hehehehe.


shasha said...

uikss...26?? yummm...~~

Zuraida said...

oh yes. tengok la nanti macam mana ye....

missycha said...

hahahaha went there ms one of my good friend bachelor night..FUNny as hell okie!!

Zuraida said...

Kelakar kan? I love Cik funny la her jokes!