Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mafia Themed Friday Night Party @ The Ship KL

It was Friday night and everyone was out having fun, so why shouldn't I? My Party Gals were throwing a party for one of the guys in the group and I had a blast! Rasanya macam tak nak balik je...heheheh.

It started off biasa la with dinner and drinks but then I skipped dinner for work and only joined the group much later.It was a big crowd of about 15 of us that night, so it was really really huge.

I love this picca, my make-up look so serene...hahahahahah! Era's too! Took a lot of pics that night but then biasa la, dah banyak-banyak takkan nak load semua?

Weehoo....y'all Ms Diva is back. You guys miss her? Dah lama okay tak jumpa minah ni, selalunya busy je kan....

And in the spirit of celebrating birthdays, obviously there's cake kan....

Sedap okay cuppies ni, ntah mana ntah diorang beli.....

I had two....hahahahah!

Okay, you're not suppose to spread the word.

Anyways, I went out again the next night.


Tetiba balik ke Party Girl mode. Sigh. Alas, I am my own poison. I still hurt inside. And I am still seeking solace.


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