Friday, December 4, 2009

On asthma attacks and partying....

It has been a quiet two days, workload is piling (pretty normal) and secondly, mu cough went from bad to worse....I end up having a 2 hour non-stop cough and vomitting spree on wednesday night with lung spasms which makes me pretty hard to breath.

My doctor finally decided I need help (pronto) and put me on gas theraphy...

*my mini nebuliser*

Which makes me go Darth Vader for over an hour and sent me halfway to la-la land....practically medicated and shaken.

Come Thursday morning I was still feeling slightly unwell, and since my lungs were still a bit tight, a second dose was administered resulting to a very clear and open lungs....and a pretty happy me.

Today I am still feeling a bit shaken, but I am so much better so I decided to join my Party Gang's theme party tonight....yeeehaaaa!!! Lama dah couped up at home ni, naik bosan okay. So better go before I go under the weather again!


Tadi Mrs Yolkies and Ika teman I cari baju for tonight, coz it's a theme party and I have nothing that scream's "Mafia". Almaklumlah...all this while my dress code is usually sweet and chic....sekarang kena cari yang ganas sikit.


Anyways, I got the perfect outfit from Pink Evil Fashion Warehouse in MV and I am so excited about tonight.


Now the only thing due are my shoes. Gotta go and find the perfect shoes.


Lea Shmea said...

get well soon kak sue! tak sangka kak zue pun ada asthma. u take care yeah.

shasha said...

huhuhu..lepas baik demam bole berparty!!!!