Friday, December 11, 2009

On Making an Effort to Dress Up

After hanging out with Nina I have been taking some time to reasses the way I dress day in and day out. Okay, not that I dress boringly or sengaja selekeh mak limah ke apa, but then there is a point in dressing up. Its not suppose to be only about how others will perceive you, but also about how you will perceive yourself. Because seriously, kalau you la kena menatap orang tiap-tiap hari dengan muka kusam and baju setakat pakai lepas ala kadar je mesti stress kan?

Some of us doesn't even care what we put on ourselves and simply pakai whatever is left hanging in the rack that is somewhat presentable to work Why whould that be? I have to admit that sometimes I malas jugak nak dress up and take it for granted but to come to think of it, if I don't appreciate myself and dress well then who am I to blame kalau orang kata I ni tak pandai nak dress up?

*okay, vain mode dah start*

So this past couple of days I've been adding new stuff to my daily outfit. Nothing new. Most of it are belts and chunky jewelleries that I already have but rarely used sebab rasa macam overdone and all.

And coz today is Friday,I dressed down tapi added the belt that suddenly made my cotton dress top look so chic....

*love it - had my black Gladiators on and I am all set*

Now I think I should make a point to plan what I wear for the week on weekends so I don't simply tarik tarik baju je out of my closet every morning.

*grin- yes I tend to do that too - all the time*

And once that is done and made routine, maybe I can start putting on make-up on a daily basis supaya rakan sejawat tak lari menjerit tengok muka I yang pucat lesi?

*good idea*


f.i.e.z.a said...

i pun suka dress up n mekap2 ni sbb i suka tgk org cantik2 g keja n kalo kita tgk camtu mesti dats how ppl tgk kitakan..
n even ada sorang kakak kat opis tego i dia kata "fieza wpun chubby tp kakak suka tgk sbb mekap sentiasa"

kalo dah chubby then muka pucat lesi mmg laaaa lagi burok tol tak?hehe

shasha said...

aku adalah terlebih rajin sbb weekend dah prepare baju apa nak pakai pada hari apa....

zie said...

i am into it, suddenly - maklumla baru beli make up set - baru semalam - so hari nie bersemangat make up bagai....he he he...

babe - pls share tips kurus.....apart from yoga - apa u slender and runcing sekarang...

Zuraida said...

oh yes. you have a point. and now dah lose weight lagi bersemangat i nak dress up. *grin*

yeah. maybe I should be like that also sebab weekend pun dok umah bukannya buat apa kan?

Zuraida said...

mahu tips kurus? oh my, panjang summary its a lot of hard work, restraint and perseverance - about 5 long months of diet and exercise.


nanti la one day bila dah achieve weight ideal i put on a full blown post.


Anonymous said...

Hey are you a professional journalist? This article is very well written, as compared to most other blogs i saw today….
anyhow thanks for the good read!

Zuraida said...


What are we waiting for again?



Hey thanks! That's a huge compliment but no, I am not a profesional journalist. Au contraire, I am a profesional accountant who just love to rant about nothingness in her blog. *grin* Your compliment made my day.