Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Precious Me Green Clay Mask - memang terbaik!

I use to spend hundreds thousands on beauty products coz to be frankly speaking, perempuan mana tak nak nampak lawa kan? There is always something I want to fix - from the all knowing blemishes and pimple scars to masalah muka kusam la and blackheads. I tried from over the counter stuff, to the most expensive creams in the market, but someway somehow the result is either dissapointing or average....and if there are stuff that really works (like my Creme de la Mer, oh i so love the texture and absorbency) its very very costly.


High maintenance.

But then I consider myself very lucky to get to know Precious Me sebab in 3 months using just the basic liquid facial wash, my clean is somewhat clearer. Last month I added 2 more new item from PreciousMe, the Anti Acne Pure Rose Water Toner and Aloe & pearl Moisturiser, and guess what....I am so happy with the results because these days, my skin is more balanced, pores less visible and not very oily anymore at noon.

Which is a plus plus plus. I've been fighting oily skin since school days...rasanya kalau kumpul semua minyak muka I time lunch hour boleh goreng ikan.


Last week I was given the honor to try the all new Green Clay Mask expecially formulated for oily and blemished skin. Its made by Green Clay, Corn flour and white clay (hmmm, i think) and added with essential oils such as tea tree oil and lavender.

Green Clay helps to control excess oil while the combo of essential oils mixed in the clay mask helps combats blemishes and soothes the skin. It also helps to reduce enlarged pores.

Masa dapat tu excited je....balik umah terus cuba!!!!

That's my skin before cleansing. Piccas are all unedited, so please bear with me. Ye lah, kalau edit defeats the purpose la kan?

Look at how clear my skin is now? Dah tak perlu susah susah pakai 10 jenis serum sebelum tido, nowadays I just stick with PreciousMe moisturiser and toner, and Estee lauder's Advanced Night Serum. Itu pun serum I pakai only once every alternate days.

Focus kita hari ini is to the step by step use of the clay mask and its verdict, so here it goes....

Clockwise is the mask mixing set (all made of rubber so as to not activate the properties in the clay), PreciousMe's Liquid Cleanser, a tub of Green Clay Mask (in which of course takde la kita pakai satu botol, we will only scoop a bit for use later), PreciousMe's Aloe & Pearl Moisturiser and PreciousMe's Anti-Acne Pure Rosewater Toner.

First step is to clean the face and neck. Squint a 10 sen size liquid facial wash to the palm of your hands and massage lightly on the face. The liquid cleanser won't foam but will only slightly lather, removing dirt and excess oil from the surface of the skin. Tak payah massage lama-lama, about a few minutes cukup...them just rinse with water.

I like the feeling after rinsing because it leaves a clean feeling, not tightness. U know la kan how sometimes certain product buat kulit rasa tegang alam je kan? This one doesn't.

One dah rinse just lightly dab a towel on your face to dry the skin. Once dah kering I start mixing my clay mask....

Itu dia, complete mixing set siap ada scoop in 3 different sizes, spatula and a brush. Kalau pakai mask ni elok ada mask sebab dia liquid and basah-basah kan,with a brush it'll be easier to apply.

I scoop a small scoopof the Green Clay mask to the mixing bowl and added about another scoop of water. Then can mix mix mix dengan spatula.

Just mix sampai rata. Kalau rasa cair you can always add a few more scoops to make it more concentrated, tapi that night I cuba with one scoop saje cukup. Quite light la but I think its already good enough for me.

I use the brush to evnly applied the mask on my face.

Once applied, i simply leave it to dry for about 10 minutes. There's a slight cooling and tingling sensation, but nothing over the edged la. Maybe that's from the tea tree oil la.

Once dah kering, I simply wash it off with water and....

....apllied my Anti Acne Pure Rose water toner and Aloe & Pearl Moisturiser.


Kulit bersih berseri bak salju. It has been almost 3 days since I tried it and the oil on my face had reduced tremendously, not to mention the instant pore tightening effect that you can immediately see when you wash off the mask.

100% satisfied! Harus aku pakai every week.

*hati gumbira!!!!*

To those yang ada dry or normal skin jangan risau, if you guys nak try then if I am not mistaken Preciousme has the mask in Pink Clay that suits dry/normal skin better. Tak teringin nak mencuba ke?

A bottle will retail somewhere between RM30 to RM35 (tak sure....pleaase inquire with PreciousMe if interested).

Apa tunggu lagi?

*PreciousMe has this customer satisfaction policy whereby they will replace/change the product that you're not satisfied with (by reasonable means of course) and since the price is so value for money, so apa salahnya mencuba kan? I know I'm loving it!*

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