Thursday, December 24, 2009

Quick post!

It's xmas eve y'all and I am freaking excited to go back home coz mom made her macaroni, salad and roast chicken for dinner! Yeay!Waiting for Ani and Faiz who's on the way to pick me up - please be here ASAP coz I am starving!!!! Hahahahahh!

The spa session yesterday was awesome. Its the best thing I had this year and of course, will be blogging about it later. *grin*. Let's just say it was so wonderfull that I had a pretty good 12 hours sleep last night and am feeling on top of the world.

Mommy is making my new lappy a new cover. *smile*. Rather than spending hundreds on a skin I get to tailor made my own so crossing my fingers that I get to find some funky materials tomorrow.

I'd like to wish all a very merry xmas! You guys go party and have a good one ok!


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