Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend so far

Strutted my 4 inch high heels at TSB last night with Komala simply because we're both bored at home. *grin*. And we had a great time catching up (yeah,we did loads of catching up) and laughing at white men dancing the chicken dance all night!

*oh yes, they did the whole chicken dance even on R&B tunes, and if its not the chicken dance - they go all robotic in between rap.Hahahaah. Nasib baik aku tak jahat ambik video. Hahahahah*

The crowd was okay for a Saturday night,not so packed and just good enough to "cuci mata" for a good couple of hours. We got seats at the bar, and a couple of seats away were a bunch of guys who had had too much to drink and had red eyes on them, and when they stare, they did it unabashedly.

Seriously scary. Macam saiko je stare at people with red eyes and all. Macam nak makan orang je. Don't they know that it's rude to stare?

That night we made friends with the bartender, Arwin, who turns out to be a Celebrity Fitness instructor as well. Yeay! Now I got someone to actually help me with weights. *grin*.Arwin acts kinda cute. He'd been trying his best all night to introduce Komala to the cocktails they have in the drinking menu but then to be frankly speaking, I know Komala and those cocktails are just a tad too girly for her taste. Hahahaha. But he got an "A" for effort and he's a great talker, so we had fun!

Mr Saiko Red Eyed Guy came over to our seats sometime around 2am and asked whether we're regulars. *jeez, dia berkenan kat Komala rupanya*. Thank God he didn't asked for numbers and simply said meet you guys next week and said his goodbyes.


As if la kan next week we're gonna be there! *blergh* Oh, my ex firm is throwing their annual dinner on the 17th and I am crashing the after party, so yeah, this weekend party starts a bit early.


On another note, just for you party goers out there, TSB is closing end of this month and they're throwing their farewell party on the 19th with a "Fire & Ice" theme. So why don't you guys just hit the place one last time and party before they close down completely yeah?

And when they do, lets flock their new sister bar "Pressroom" @ BSC and make it the new "IT" place!


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