Thursday, December 10, 2009

What the hell is happening with my FB?

Stress okay, I can't update stats, approve people or comment in FB since yesterday. Mak aih, sakitnya hati bila jadi IT slave ni. Tekan la button "update" tu berkali-kali yet still fail.


Dah la semangat nak komen kat FB rakan-rakan sebaya kan.


Tu belum kira frustation main Bejewelled Blitz lagi.


I need food.

Had my first Bubba Gump dish yesterday at my bimonthly besties meeting. The dish was okay la, and we had this psycho friendly waitress that at some point, agak scary. Dah la we all susah gila nak jumpa and suddenly the waitress was hogging us macam nak try jadi best friend. OMG, wth?


My besties are very busy people that we made it a point to actually put a "must meet do" in our calendar so we wont miss out on the happenings of our lives. Otherwise friendship would just drift kan? We were so blessed, yesterday was our 7th year anniversary of knowing each other.....oh yeah, we met exactly 7 years ago when we first joined PwC as "associates" and boy look how far we have gone - from fresh out of uni with no experience, through boyfriends, broken hearts, engagements, marriage and now kids.

We got all excited yesterday when we get wind a wedding is coming up soon. Yeay! I soka! especially this couple, one of my favourite okay!


When I left it was almost 10pm, tired and ready to hit the sack.

*with a smile*

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