Friday, December 25, 2009

Whats better than custom made items for xmas????

Wanna see what kind of fear I have to live with day in and day out????

*My new ASUS EeePC - sleek and white*

I love the fact that its white but its a major concern to keep it white and clean, especially when I carry it around with me in my itsy bitsy handbag....

*okay, my handbag is not usually itsy bitsy.....its normally huge and roomy*

And its a tough cookie when I have practically EVERYTHING in my handbag - lippies, my loose powder, blush, mascara, wallet, phone, magazine - oh yes, at times i carry around my books and mags as well, so it can kinda go a bit caotic there.....with a capital C......

When it's all chaos so kesian la my new EeePC kan.....mana tau satu hari powder tertumpah then wth, kotor nanti the suci white skin?

Nanti satu hal pulak sebok nak tukar skin.


So the fabulous daughter got her awesome mother a cool C&K handbag for xmas and in return, she made her a custom-made uber cool lappy skin cover....with buttons!!!

*My mom at work*

So check out the new lappy skin cover.....

Ada satu je dalam Malaysia! Hahahahahhah!

*huge grin smacked on the face*

Good one!


AkUfiZA™ said...

hoih .. thats cool babe!

i want it tooooooooo .. in pink colour, heheee

Tijah said...

wahhh! niceee. bila la kita nak pandai menjahit nihh

Zuraida said...


Go contact my mom.....she can make you one *grin*

Kak Tijah,

I pun pk macam tu, kalau pandai menjahit semua boleh buat kan??

shasha said...

alaaa....nak satu..bole order ke??

Zuraida said...

boleh boleh!!! Nanti aku tunjuk ko aku punya, then kalau ko suka kita order kat mak aku satu...mau?

shasha said...

naaakkkkk...meh tunjuk kau punya dulu..!!