Sunday, December 27, 2009

When all is (said and) done....

I feel so bloated!!!


All the food this past couple of days has been consumed in much excess that the thought of even eating another spoon of anything irks. Sigh. This is what happens when you're overfed. Sigh. All I had today is coffee and a set of toast with peanut butter, and I felt like it'll last me the whole day because I am so stuffed.

Like pigs in a blanket.


Waiting for my gym time to start. Plan to catch up with the 6pm yoga class in hope that I can somewhat detox out the toxins I accumulated over the weekends. Sigh. Seriously, my stomach doesn't feel so good, and it has been feeling a bit "sebu" since yesterday. Not a very good feeling I tell you.I wish that I can vacuum out whatever was stuck in between the pipes and get it over and done with tapi how to???

If there's a way let me know.

Now I wished that I am having my spa day today instead of last Wednesday. Sigh. The ultimate bliss. Kalau ada banyak duit to go and hang out there every day kan best?

Ngeh ngeh ngeh. Excessive spa mode.Takpe la, maybe I can go again in 3 months time, after I have accumulated much stress and tnsion from year end audit and the neverending workload - sigh, spa time should be an employee benefit. Maybe I should bring it up to the boss and suggest the company pays for all the staff to unwind?

*coz seriously, who cares about the aerobic's instructor anyway? even if he is one of the guest judges in sehati berdansa, it doesn't motivate me to join his class.....unless he teaches tango.....ehehheheheh*

At starbucks OU and 2 more stamps to go to a free organiser. Sape sape nak tolong belikan 2 grande sized fraps sila angkat tangan????? Coz I am practically vomitting toffee nut fraps right now and I really really really want the organiser...

*tetiba pulak, apa kaitan???*

Now I wish my Tito Manny is in town. He would buy a dozen fraps to get me that organiser.

Sob sob. Wishful thinking.

Maybe next xmas.

Less than a week to the new year, have you guys worked on your resolutions yet?

I tossed 2009 resolution out of the building when my engagement was cancelled. Sigh. I suppose its high time to build new dreams now and work on new stuff, but it feels kinda good to be just hanging.

But just hanging around will not get me anywhere.....


I wish I have the luxury to just hang.



shasha said...

same here...asik makan tak ingat dunia..skang ni perut rasa berat gila!!!

Zuraida said...

tau takpe! I feel the same way!