Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Handmade hantaran...


At a friend of my mom's place buat hantaran kawin, gorgeous isn't it?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Quick Fix Revealed - Me & My 20 day PB experience [This is a sticky post - scroll down for more new updates!]

Losing weight is a bitch...yeah yeah yeah.....but then I can't help but enjoy life's little luxuries that make me gain excess kilos....and having spending less time at the gym really takes its toll on the body so its no surprise that I ballooned to this lil hottie....

That's me and my besti Komala at the recent Cagamas annual dinner on the 25th of November 2010.

Of course I look gorgeous (heheheh!) but then I can't be that proud when I have to try and cover my tummy all night.

OMG its freaking miserable.

And I have to admit that I am starting to get jealous with Ika's slim figure.

*oh yeah, jealousy and envy is part of this....*

4 days later I get my own set of Premium Beautiful (PB) corset.

What? PB?

Yes. Premium Beautiful corset. A set of innerwear distributed under the Hai-O wing with infra-red infused technology to promote body toning and weight loss.

20 days later (now) with no proper diet and exercise (because of my recent ankle sprain that keeps me off my feet for over 10 days now) I still manage to look better....

This is me today. 20 days later.

Rampingkan pinggang ku??? *grin* Oh yes, its most visible at my tummy area and I love it.

Tak percaya?

Meet me in person and I can show you more.

I can also show you how you can achieve the same/even better results.

Call me. If you're interested (of course!). Kalau nak saje borak borak pun boleh.


I'll be in Kuching from the 19th to 22nd December 2010. If you're there and interested to know more (and have a look at the product) feel free to call me.

Trust me. I didn't regret my purchase. You won't either if you've tried.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh Penatnya.....

I am finally home.

I am freaking tired.

I still have so many other personal stuff to do, not to mention the bucket list I need to clear before the end of the year...so yeay to me.

Some random thoughts:

1. Hate that the demi curve jeans and bold curve jeans in Malaysia (yet again) fail me. Seriously, normal women is not size 30 and smaller you know, bring in bigger sizes.

2. Need to start working on my contacts list - pre-migration to Iphone. *grin*

3. Hates this dude at Digi center in SS2...berlagak tak hengat I just wish I could smack his head off.

4.Hates the fact that she has to wake up before 8am tomorrow because she has to rush to SS2 and que for her Iphone. Seriously, Digu only sells 20 units per day per shop....blh????


Enough miseries.

5. Had a blast in Kuching. The place was awesome, the food was great and the companion.....priceless. I had tonnes of fun, lots of sun and enjoyed great food introduced by the locals, so all in all this is one of the greatest holidays I had in years. Plus, the dent to my wallet is surprisingly minimal. Can you believe it....total pocket money spent in this holiday is only RM300??? Believe it believe it, and it only totals to so much because I bought a bunch of kek lapis worth RM75.

And of course, I charged the cute MNG top to the card. But that doesn't count.


More Kuching updates to follow.

6. Made great progress on my new business venture. So far it has been a great first week and I have to thank the support of my friends for that. Lets just hope that the momentum keep on going....so far I feel blessed.

7. I have decided that its time to get a boyfriend. Its time to start taking chances and love again. Please potential suitors, man up!

*oh totally unrelated*

8.Did I mention I have tonnes of things to do?

I better shower and rest.....so that I can wake up early and get no 4 done.

*Oh and go shopping with Shahnaz tomorrow. Wink wink*

Didn't I say I have a lot of things to get done?


Busy bee on holiday, still a busy bee.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Qucikie post on Kuching Trip Day 1

Oh finally...thank God for civilisation and wireless internet!!!! Fieza and Nieza was kind enough to take me to The Spring (oh shopping centre, I like!!!!) away from the serenity of the beach so I can get connected with high speed internet access (and try out Laksa Sarawak...hehehe....in which at the end I opted against Nasi Ayam, boleh?) so finally, I get to update (some) pictures from my first day in Kuching, Sarawak.

Thats me and Nieza, nak upload banyak lagi gambar but then I keep on dc'ing (so much for HSDPA) so as long as I get to share the blissfull view of the hotel first wiyh y'all.....

That's the view from my room at Damai Puri Resort and Spa Hotel. I wake up in the morning to the sound of the ocean....nyaman ok nyaman.


I love chilling by the pool. They have cabanas and lounging chairs overlooking the beach, which is uber cool.

The hotel has its own private beach at the foothills of Mount Santubong, and its peaceful and quiet. I have to say this is the best beach destination I went to in Malaysia next to Perhentian, and its very very clean.

And guess what, the waves was superb. Strong okay, good for surfing.

The girls took me to have my first mee kolok (oh sedap gile) and had seafood at TopSpot @ Kuching. Tonight, we are going for a stroll at the waterfront.

Stay tune for more....

Year End Holiday - Kuching Here I am!

Buzzing from KCH y'all!!


I wanted to update more and show of more pics as I laze by the beach and have a coconut by my side but then my wireless went gila and the connection is poor...almaklumla, dok sebelah bukit, tengah-tengah lagun and mengadap pantai....so go figure.....so the pics will just have to wait for much much later.


So far I have been enjoying my first day here. Thanks to Fieza and Nieza I have my own personal tour guide and friends to spend my holidays with, bring me around a place so totally alien to me and introduced me to the best food in KCH town (oh mee kolok tu nyaman betul!!!! ahahahaah! and TopSpot.....oh new favvie!). The sea is amazingly beautiful and the resort is all that I imagined it would be, so I am totally blissed out.

Before time runs out I'm gonna go enjoy the sun for a bit.

Till later....love!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

In less than 24 hours....

....I'll be in the other side of Malaysia.

I will be in Kuching.

Sipping umbrella drinks with a blogger buddy who's meeting me there.....by the pearl white beach at Damai Puri Resort & Spa Hotel.


Such blissful thoughts.

But I haven't packed yet.


Better get on to it.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mahu mencuba tapi takut akan kegagalan....

They say there is no pain , no gain.

They say unless you try it out, you will never know how it will turn out.

They say if you don't succeed, try and try again.

But then there's always a scary thought...

I am planning to venture into something new, something with risk and I am not sure whether it will turn out well.


Of course I am scared. I ni penakut tahap gaban okay, eventhough in real life I look confident and tough.


Kena balik sembahyang hajat mintak petunjuk lebih sikit.


But then we can't just sit down and wait for our lives to turn around kan?

Dear God, please give me strength.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Quickie note

I can't sleep and since I refuse to let my sister hog the internet line today, I get to blog in the middle of the night.


Thanks to the 1 and half day MC since last Thursday (due to the ankle injury) I have been catching up on sleep (and a whole load of tv series). Toche doctor!!!! I felt slightly guilty since this week will be my last week working ( before my long break...ooooh can't wait tillFRiday...T minus 4 days to go y'all!!) and rest assure I will be a busy bee this next 4 days clearing shit so no one bugs me during my 2 week break.


Thanks to my lil brother who stick around last weekend, I have my own standy-on-the-clock-masseur that tends to my ankle 3 time a day. He massaged my ankle, changed the bandages while I whine like a 10 year old. Hahahahhaha.....ada jugak orang yang sayang kat aku nih yek. *grin* Thanks to him I am getting much much better today and now walking normally. The doctor is against heavy duty walking for at least a week, but I am already starting to slowly stretch my ankle with light yoga movements, hopefully it'll get better pronto. Tak best la time cuti sakit kaki kan?

Thanks to Dieya, Liza, Shasha and Elyn for your well wishes.....it made my day. Seriously. When you think nobody cares kan, these small gestures sometimes do touch me....


I am really in a good mood lately. Thanks to steroid enhanced meds I've been eating like a pig and sleeping like a sloth. So not good. I am scared for my myself...I dare not get close to any weighting machine or measuring tape.


Anyhow.....dah sakit, why bother kan??

*grin....alasan....thats all the sugar talking*

Okay. Better try to go to bed now. We don't want to miss work do we??

Friday, December 10, 2010

Bed rest - as the doctor ordered

I sprained my ankle.

It was bad.

Now I am bound to stay at home. Aiyoh. Baru lost 3 kilos and a few inches tetiba sprained the ankle and cant move. My mom's at home so now I am like well fed. Abis la....tak lama lagi selamat la progress itu.


I am on mc since yesterday and was advise to restrict my movements and just sit around. Sigh. Boleh ke cenggitu??? mula la rasa resah ni.

Hope to get better soon....pronto!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How do you wear your perfume??

I was enjoying my early morning caffeine while browsing the internet and stumbled upon a very interesting tip on how to wear your perfume by BellaSugar (click here for full article) and I wonder....do we wear our perfume right???

How do you wear your perfume?

I wear mine in a rush. usually once I dressed up I do a once over spray all over my body....starting from the wrist, up to the neck then later downwards to my waist. Oh yeah, macam mandi minyak wangi but what the heck....its mine anyway. Ada this one time I had tonnes of perfume tak pakai and thats the fastest way to finish it...hehehehe....so yeah, dah terbiasa do the once over spray.

But then of course it doesn't last that long, sebab it barely have contact on the skin. Most of the time it'll stick to the dress.

Here's the tip I got from the site....

  • Begin by spraying (or dabbing) some of your favorite scent on your wrists. However, do not rub your wrists together, as it interferes with the way the fragrance is intended to evolve. Just spritz and let it settle.
  • Next, apply a tiny bit to other pulse points: at base of your throat, behind your ear lobes, at the bend in your elbows, between the breasts, along your collarbones, and right behind your knees if you are wearing a dress or a skirt.
  • Unless your hair is perfectly clean, do not apply the scent to your hair or spray perfume on your brush. The oils in hair can break down and change the scent of your fragrance.
  • Did you know that perfumes can have significant reactions to the hormones in your body? It's true, so don't expect your favorite fragrance to have the same effect when you are stressed, menstruating, or pregnant.
(Source : BellaSugar)

I do know about the "do not rub your wrist upon spraying your perfume" rule. Rubbing will breaks the molecules and alters the composition of the perfume, so rubbing is a huge no-no.

Some people I know keep their perfumes in the fridge to make it feel "cool and refreshing" and last longer. The same applies to cosmetic products (creams and serums).


Imagine a fridge full of beauty products rather than food. Hahahaha. We can stock the mini bar in your room with perfumes.

My current scent is Bvlgari Omnia Green Jade.
Which I simply love love love.

At times ehen I wish to have a slight lingering scent, I do the perfume cloud and walk over it.

It simple you see, just spray your perfume on the air and walk through it.....then a subtle lingering scent will somehow settle on you.

Great right?

A tip that I can use is not to spray perfume on the hair. I didn't know that the oil in the air can somehow mess with the fragrant.


I have my eyes on this next.....

Oh trust me...its simply divine to have it on.


....and when I do have this....will definitely practice all the tips to make it last longer.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh the feeling of christmas is back.....

How could you not love Christmas in December when all the malls are nicely decorated, music humming happy songs....kida happily playing around....it feels like there is so much peace and love in the air.

Its a public holiday and I am at the Gardens (again). No, not to shop or jalan jalan, but to work. Sigh. But in my way to gym I get to go around the mall and enjoy the deco, and whats not to love with a white christmas that at the same time, look so green?

Cantek kan.

I wish I can go shopping. Kan best kalau boleh membeli belah. Hip hip hooray. This dress (at display in DKNY) looks gorgeous.....

Coupled with a necklace and earrings set at swarovski.....

Cun okay.

Just looking at it made my day.

Takpe la.

On another note, when Gardens are decorated ala classy and posh, Mid Valley became a haven for children....

OMG, super humongous teddy bear!!! I want!!!!

Okay, enough fooling around.

Now get back to work.

happy holidays y'all. Cya at office tomorrow.

P/S : Diet update at my foodlog. Click here.

Monday, December 6, 2010

kalau rindukan Izzy and Bobo....

Ini dia gambar gambar terbaru.....

Saje je snap using the new video cam.

Bobo macam suka je main dekat dekat ngan video cam tu...macam saje je suruh tangkap gambar banyak-banyak.

Monday blues......

My bestie's wedding was still on last weekend..... photos will be up soon once I can find the time to sort out the good ones since last weekend, I alternate between my digi cam and video cam to have a feel of my new toy....so there's a lot of "gambar gelap" and "gambar goyang" and whatnot......till I learn all the functions please bear with the low quality photos.....

The pictures are definitely nicer in the digi cam but the video cam has better zoom function, so pics from across the hall looks nicer in my video cam.....

Kan kan????

But its such a bore to have the need to carry two cameras at one go. Perhaps I should consider getting the Sony Alpha SLR anyhow.

By the way, Jo look really lovely I almost cried. Sentimental me.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh its gonna be Monday already???

This weekend was hectic. On Friday I rushed between a mani pedi to make it to Jo and Fahmi's home reception in Ampang...and end up jadi bidan terjun for the wedding. Sudah, sampai mati gambar aku banyak dalam album kawin diorang....hahahahaha...its there for life...muahahahahah!!!!

The mani pedi at KukuBar was a disaster. The quality was poor, and Komala and I was really upset. I end up taking off the nail color as soon as I got back from the mani sebab its freaking hideous.

Seriously, I had wayyyy better nail work done. This is not amatuerish, its freaking middle school'ish!. So anyone who's contemplating to go there, please don't bother. Its such a waste of time.

Attended Fahmi's side wedding yesterday and the food was sublime.

I suke.

Hahahahah....best betul weekend ni. Makan best.

But no worries. I am practicing my tips to surviving the wedding season, went to gym on Friday and Saturday and still religiously disciplined using my "quick fix solution" in which brought me to all smiles again recently when....

...my waistline went down from 34 inches to 31 inches...and my but size down another inch from 42 inches to 41 inches.


Not bad after all. All in a weeks work.

Lets see what happens in a month. If its good I'll invite all of you to jump on the same band wagon.

See y'all at work tomorrow!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Trying Out New Stuff : Hada Labo Whitening Lotion

My Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Serum dah abis....so its time to get a new bottle. I was contemplating on getting the same thing (and kembali gigih memakainya) till I read FiezaZaza's review on Hada Labo's product here.

With effects sama macam SKII?

Hmmm... interesting.

I came across this product a while back at the pharmacy (being such a pharmacy geek myself who spend hours and hours in one almost 3 times a week) but never ever bought one sebab I malas nak baca label berbahasa korea. Yeah, I biased sikit when the alphabets is not in ABC, eventhough there's translation at the back. But then a lot of bloggers have been raving about it....so I got curious.....

Just to try it out, I bought the Hada Labo Whitening Lotion made from Arbutin. Lets see what happens in 2 weeks.

Random thoughts....

1. Its closing time so kinda busy with work at the office. Its always the case during the first week of the month. I need to wrap up fast today because I just can't stay late, Komala and I have an appointment at Kukubar at 6pm to do our nails and we were threatened that if we are late they won't do it for us because they don't want to stay late. Boleh? Kena threaten ngan manicurist. Seb baik aku nak pakai voucher, kalau tak dah lama I ajak Komala pergi nail salon lain.

2. This past few days my appetite has been running low. Takde la rasa macam nak makan banyak sangat, so Ika and I had quickie lunches at Sbread and Warung at Mid Valley. I took piccas via my handphone but then tak boleh load pulak. demmit demmit, camano nak buat review ni? kena beli hp baru dulu ke??? Sheesh.

Semua pun mau pakai duit.

3. Akibat gigih telah kugagahkan diri ke gym hari ni, despite closing of accounts. After my quiskie lunch I went straight to the gym and spent a good 40 minutes on the strider, satsfied that I again manage to burn 450 calories in below an hour. Next time should push myself more.....baru boleh beli kasut sukan idaman itu....

*seperti di sini ya rakan rakan....click di sini utk kasut sukan idaman*

4. My sister managed top download 8 episodes of Lie To Me's new season. Oh gumbira gumbira. Nanti cuti boleh go on tv series marathon.

*says the ultimate couch potato. hahahahah. apa jadi with the "exercise conditioning" plan?*

5. I have finally decided on where to spend my holidays. *grin, clap clap*. Gaji masuk awal bulan ni, so as soon as pay is in nanti boleh grab the tix and just go *gain clap clap*. In dire need of a holiday, hopefully the rates won't go up too much by that time.

*grin....kalau rate naik pun tukar hotel je la kan? heheheh*

6. Will be busy on weddings, wedding and more weddings this weekend and the next. At the same time kena watch my weight. Can it go hand in hand? Mampukah?

Got to get back to work.

Have a good weekend y'all, I know I would!

OMG, My Besties Got Married! - Part 2 - Jo's Reception @ The Eastin Hotel

Jo had her reception last weekend at the Eastin Hotel and as one of her bridesmaids I was in charged as usherer - bunga pahar girl for the night. The night before was crazy as I rushed between Jo's akad nikah ceremony that ends at 6pm to the salon to do my hair and later annual dinner and after party at the KL Hilton which makes me very very tired and cranky on her reception day. Sorry!!!! My bad. Macam aku pulak yang kawin. But i made it on time anyway...despite feeling like a pinball, with bad make-up and hair...shessh.

*But then Jo think I look okay....so tak pe la...boleh la*

It was simple, sweet and classy...plus the food was great. Despite being cranky I was happy because I get to meet a lot of old friends whom I hadn't been able to catch up with for so long....so all is good....

See....bulat semangkuk. Dah la make-up tebal nak mati! Please please please, tolong la gambar I yang keluar kat camera men punya piccas tu tak nampak buruk. Stress aku!

Jo looks so lovely. I love the dress, I love the veil. I love everything!!!!


These are my batchmates from PwC days with their partners and better halves! Oh how everyone had matured.

Izwain and I was on kutip doorgifts duty at the end of the wedding and Faizal was kind enough to help us with the trays to the room.Look at them, kat lift pun sempat cam-whore.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Award.....ooh cam dah lama je tak de award2 nih!

Thanks Dieya for the award!!!! Hahahahah, saya ni manis macam gula ya? (*sweet like candy - wink wink wink*).

Anyhow I am surrounded with sweet people so this goes for everyone and all the bloggers that dropped by!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I almost forgot...its already December y'all!!!!

My oh my what do we have here.....11 months had gone by and guess what, we have about 30 more days to go before we say adios to 2010! It started like any other ordinary day to me but then when i received an email saying "hey, we have 4 more weeks to go till New Year" I go smacked "what?" when all I can think about was going on leave in 2 weeks.....

....yeah, excited sangat nak cuti sampai lupa nak party?

So not me.

Over the past couple of days people had been asking what my holiday plans were, whether I'll be in town or whatnot and I only have one answer....


In which gila la kan sebab I always have aplan.


Actually i did have a plan. I planned to go to Abu Dhabi and meet my ex-housemate Che Farah who had settled in UAE for quite a while now. Up till June I have been saving my 2 week block leave for that sole purpose till one day Komala reminded me that Chun Seng is having his wedding dinner on th 26th and I promised for over a yer that i won't miss his big day.


So I cancelled the trip and got a Burberry bag. Heheheheheh.

*wink wink*

So the new plan is to go with the flow and I have given a thought to go on a quickie island trip with Ani but then her passport is expired, so here I am, alone again.....


Sape nak pergi holiday with me angkat tangan!

On another note, I can go and visit FiezaZaza in KCH.


Oh I can't seem to make up my mind can't I?

As the days go by there will come a time when I should reflect of the happenings during the year. Stay posted.

The vain vain me.....

I am guilty of being vain because recently, I jumped into the band-wagon filled with other vainees (ehmm....sound correct?) and bought an inner that works as a quick fixer upper. I can't say I enjoy wearing it evry much but at least is comfortable, and I am now at day 3 and still not bored with it...so I suppose its gonna be fine for a while.

What??? What am I talking about???

Hmmm....let me try this for a bit (lets say a month or two) and if my quick fix can work wonders as it claims, rest assure you guys will now about it.


So far I lost 3 inches immediately once I put it one, but hey, once its off the 3 inches came back. Hahahaha. So no miracles yet at day 3. Lets all wait for day 30.

I still haven't given up on dieting and exercise because I am a true believer that you need to work hard to shed the kilos off your body. I've done it once and I'll do it again. So yes, I have been visiting the gym more frequently lately and started running a 3km @ 30 minutes run 3 times a week (starting last week) and hopefully I can keep the momentum up sebab knowing me I'll get bored again after a while and start drifting from my exercise regime.

Oh I am watching Natrah tonight. Something to look forward to aite??


OMG, My Besties Got Married! - Part 1 - The Akad Nikah

It was a happy day for all of us who knows Jo and Fahmi because frankly speaking...they're so lovable I am glad they finally got hitched! The akad nikah was held in a private ceremony at Dewan Perdana Felda and it was beautiful, I felt so honored to be invited to be a part of it.

That day I am officially the Dulang Girl and as a good and responsible Dulang Girl...I am obliged to take leave just for the special day!

*heheheheh...alasan so that I tak payah masuk kerja. heheheheh*

I meet a lot of familiar faces that day, we are all quite close knit and all very happy to help out with the wedding. That's my best senior ever, Kher Shin aka Kakak, whom I have become very close too since back in my PwC days, who would ever thought we will still be close after...ermm...more than 7 years later???

Us with the bride. Jo had her make-up done by Aleng and dress from Bagutta.She look so beautiful in hijab, which is the first, and I just have to love the dress because the details are exquisitely delicious.Simple, but very classy.

Jo and her Dulang Girls....in the pics there's only 6, but guess what, she actually has 11 dulang Girls that day who carries her 9 dulangs, one maid of homor, and another back-up in crutches. Boleh?

Me and my dulang. Don't be fooled with smiles ya. Its freaking heavy. I make it work anyhow and plaster a smile. See how cute I was?

Before the ceremony we went down to the mini hall where they'll be having the akad nikah and lit the candles at the dais....

Cantek kan???? I suke!!!!!

And before everyone else sibok tangkap gambar kat sana I pun dah sibuk snap my own piccas dulu......

We gathered at the main door with the hantarans before entering the mini hall. The guys just can't take their hands off our hantarans....

You...stay away ok.

So we later moved to a safer location....

Cantekkan the deco? its meant for another wedding that night tapi kitorang gatal je konon nak ambik berkat....

The akad nikah ceremony was quick and sweet.

We went in with the hantarans.....

Then the groom and the bride went in and have their seats next to the father of the bride and tok kadi....

And they exchanged vows.

I almost cried.


The last time I almost cried was Azlina's wedding.

To Jo and Fahmi, I wish you guys all the best and may you be happy forever after...sampai anak cucu. I can't wait to see mini Jo's and mini Fahmi's in the future!

Me with the bride and groom.

Signing off. Part 2, 3 and 4 to come.

Oh yes, there's 4 parts to this wedding and I am in all of it. *grin*

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Updated on the food log on my lunch date with Era. Click here for more.

Getting Tix to Natrah 2

I have been trying to get tixs to the theater Natrah now showing at Istana Budaya. Not that they're all sold out, I have been having problems getting it online with my pop-up blocker thingy crazily went on and off on its own but then yeay, finally I got tix's to Wednesday night show and now I can rest in peace.

I am kinda free today, so as soon as I got tickets I started browsing for reviews over the show and oh its so not a good move.....

Now its making me nervous. There are some negative reviews that concerns me, but then hey....sod it la. I bought the tix already and I am determined to watch.

Stay tune for my review ya!