Thursday, January 28, 2010

Miss me much???

Work has been pretty hectic lately...thus, the cause of my woe's. Anyways, hung out with Tina last weekend for breakfast and while waiting for her to wax, took charge of babysitting lil ol' Mika...

There you go...a sad face sebab kena tinggal. I think dia rasa tak puas hati pun ada sebab tetiba je kan dia dok sorang-sorang.

Yes, apa kejadahnya kat dalam waxing parlor pun nak pakai sunnies kan. The thing is my eyes are all black lately, so macam agak segan la nak move around with a black eye...all tired and tak bermaya.

Mika admiring my sunnies. Eh budak ni, suka hati je kan??????

Wats up yo???

Hahahahahah! I like that one. very the bagus.

He definitely hated the "Merry Xmas" hat. Yeah yeah yeah...xmas dah lama berlalu, so out of season kan???

Out of stress I went to spa and salon yesterday, and had my urut with hotstone and got my roots tended for.

Susah la bila color rambut terang ni. When it grows gila la merempan kena touch up. Nasib baik I dah biasa with the stylist. While they were coloring I contemplated on a haircut because I still love my long hair. So I decided....

..... to just get fringes.

Mi kept my hair long, and chopped the fringes to just above the eye.

At first I was a bit taken aback. Mampos la lepas ni muka aku nampak lagi bulat. But to come to think about it, the fringes draw attention to my eyes, not the overall face. So it doesn't look so bad.

So now I am starting to like it!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Ever wonder????

Ever wonder when the hole inside your heart will ever be filled???

*wondering at las brujas - fabian perez*

I wonder every day.I never seem to find the answer to that. Perhaps at one time I thought this is what I wished for...but then there are times when I miss the company, the nagging, the bickering, the fights....

Maybe I am feeling this way because I am never single for more than a month before.

Yes. Never in the past decade. I always had someoneto rely on. A shoulder to cry on.Now its just me.

Perhaps all this while it was wrong to jump to early into a relationship.Its just freaking wrong because you get to close to fast you might not know what you're getting into.Now I'm heading my time, reorganising my thoughts and choosing the next guy.


I am heeding advise from friends who had been there. Time will heal the pain. In time you will meet the right person. Not to rush and take your time knowing the next person before deciding. Be more sceptical and selfish at the beginning before deciding the next Mr Right.

If you think about it, it makes sense.

Because its not about being choosy. Its about being careful with your heart. Its about loving yourself before you love others.Its about not making the same mistake twice.

Because when he lefty he took away a part of me that I could never get back. In time I will find a new me, and I will make sure no man can take it away again.

Never again.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lepak pool

Laid back tak laid back...lepas gym I had lunch (nasi daun pisang, mind you...abis effort semua kat gym tadi) and just grabbed my lappy and hung by the pool....

*ok, the picca is a mistake.I look horrendous...but then I malas nak tangkap gambar lain :P*

I got my own private verandah....and the weather was warm and perfect, I miss the beach more than I am supose to now. Sigh, Kan best if its suddenly May and I have tonnes of cash to splurge and I am far far away..... perhaps in Bali? In a very nice villa at Ubud????

I close my eyes and I can feel the fresh air.

Damn I miss the beach.

At the far end there's a couple with a baby, the mom is nursing while she don a pink bikini. Serious tak tipu okay. Mak vogue that doesnt even mind nursing in public while she's in a two piece, damn I say that takes a lot of courage.

You go girl!

But then for a mom she has nice legs. And her tummy (though requires a tummy tuck on any average day) is great for a mom of a less than one year old child, I'd say that if I had that body I wont mind donning a pink two piece either.


Cuba aku pakai 2 piece...pengsan agaknya semua orang...hahahhahahahah!

Okay. That's a lame joke.Of course it wilol never happen.


I wish there's another day before the weekend ends but then they are all simply wishfull thinking, How I envy those who don't have to be buzzed by alarm clocks early Monday morning and rush to the office like the rest of us yahoo's out there, such a bliss to wake up late evryday and not worry a single thing.....

At least life without such stress gives you better complexion.


I realised that succumbing to office work and lack of oxygen had made my skin somewhat rough lately, and its such a bummer okay, since it was just great last December.I really need a break....a long one while I am at it, and hopefully it'll come sooner rather than later.

Okay, I have enough fresh air. I'm taking a nap now.

U bunnies stay out of trouble okay?

Out to meet the whole wide world

Its been a while since I blogged (or went out) so I suppose there is someone out there who do miss me (yeah. hopefully...itll be darn pitifull if there's none)and here I am, having a cuppa at starbuck BVII, just chilling (and yeah, eavesdropping over the girls next table...okay okay, its so unintentional but the gossip was oh-so-darn-juicy...)....

*a quickie all unruly and in a dire need of root dye and a treatment...eyes swollen and black, thus the need of the sunnies eventhough I am in a shopping mall (oh yes, agak bitchy di situ) and the couple at the next table is staring at me with this quizzical look as I toy with my webcam to take the pic*

Oh, people do such crazy things.


*and the couple next table have a pair of oh-so-cool iphones...tetiba aku jeles...sigh...takdemaknenye okay, takde maknenye*

I have been on twilight movie marathon (twice) this week and god Jacob Black still takes my breath away everytime he takes off his shirt at the motorcycle accident scene. If only I have a 50 inch flat screen then life will be such a bliss. *grin*. Label me delusional for raving over a young adolescent as such but then what the heck, there's no harm in getting short breaths for a second so let us be with it....


Oh my, its 1pm already and I havent hit the gym yet, better pack up and leave....all this Farmville addiction hade made me couped up for a while, making me skip my gym sessions....which is not so got considering.....

...hmmm, lets not nag about weight.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Better to love and lost than not feel love at it?

Is it best to be a sceptic in a relationship and withdraw the instant you see signs of distress, rather than go through the high tides and see what's in store when the dust settles?

Would I be a coward if I say that maybe its best to not feel at all, than feeling and having more questions and doubts?

I have to admit that love (in a way) changes me. Sometimes I feel that there is a part of me that becomes more vulnerable as I open up to a person, and scared. There are other parts that I hated to even realise is in me, and not only does I wonder how I ever end up that way in the first place....others wonder why as well.

What has become of me.


Alas, I can't deny that I miss the attention. The hopes and dreams. The ever after.

And that's what making all this more painful. To even dare to dream again.

Maybe I'm just scared. Of me. For me.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Retracting to my own cocoon

If anyone ever say getting over love is easy as ABC and that you can bounce back on your feet in a jiffy, you should.....

...strangle that person immediately.

Because despite best efforts, its not something easy.

Take it from me.

I indulge in work to a point I dream of work. Go out more often with friend. Try to fill the gap with as much activity I could do. Turn into a gym bug.Got a cat). I justify everything to just me,me and me and seems like I'm back on my own two feet but...

...when a switch inside me is ticked I break to a thousand pieces....again.

And I am facing it again. Alone.

Because at this point, I just felt stupid to even dwell over it. Ashamed that it still get to me to even admit it to my buddies and angry that I am not strong to face it when its more than 6 months passed.


It sucks (and idiotic) when such person can have such a big effect in your life. Even when they trashed you aside and made u feel like dump. Ages later you still feel like dump.

I have to love myself more.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Late hour rendesvous

Busy bee checking in to see if the world still cares for her. She's been slaving to produce honey for Queen Bee and the outlook seems grim for the next one month or so, as the wind brought news that the production schedule is (again) moved forward.


Busy bee is definitely dying here. Still, trying her best to keep her stripes and wings and beat through the challenges.


Its almost 8.30pm and I am still at work. Yeah. Definitely a busy bee. Usually January is a laid back time of the year (or at least for the past 2 to 3 years it was pretty laidback) but this year, hmmm......already missed so much and there will be more missed.... the trip to Bangkok with Komala and Wen Chu.....we can strike that out. having a long weekend for Federal territory day and just snooze at home - we might potentially strike that out.... having an extra day off for during Chinese New Year week.....we can definitely strike that off too....


Its driving me bonkers. I dont have time to gym or yoga, so I don't sweat. Thus I get bloated. and I don't get to rest or go on a short break in between weekends....

...its definitely burning me out.


Kan best if someone someone can give me a foot massage right now?


As if. Don't put your hopes up to high. I am to busy with work, how could I ever go and get a someone someone???

Hahhahahaha. I got you!

I better wrap up my stuff if I wanna go home before 9pm.

Oh my.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Movie Night Wednesday

I have been spending my free time chilling at home and resting lately, since work is a bomb an I am just too tired to go out, apa lagi nak work out. So after dinner yesterday I settled with a DVD that I wished I had seen a while back but fail to do so...

*The Time Traveller's Wife*

A story about love that transcend time.


What amazes me is how the girl , Carrie, became the centre of the guy's life. Despite the fact that he travels between one time and another, she is always the one that he goes home to.....the one that he see's everytime he goes to another time zone.

In other words, the centre of his life.

I found the movie romantic and touching, I almost cried when he died.


Good watch. A bit slow though, so if you're expecting a fast paced movie then this might not be it. But I love it nonetheless.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I know, iknow...finally kan?

It has been a week or so since my last post, but with work and all I can just say that...


Year end is definitely pushing me out of my comfort zone, but then hell it should now that I am offically celebrating my 6 month anniversary on my current job! Yeay to me!The last 6 month has been a breath of fresh air.....I feel that working life is more balanced and settled now and I am just slipping into the "I am happy at work" mode.

For now.

Work is piling (as usual) and with revision of job scope recently the pile should somewhat lessen (hopefully). And with that, I wish to focus on other aspects of my life like...


Not ready to talk about it yet. So better zip it now.

But rest assure that the future is hopeful.

And hopefully when all the work is done I can finally settle and rest..


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The first 2 working days since new year and I am already feeling exhausted???

Maybe age is taking a toll on me....not that I am saying that I am old, its just that perhaps I am no longer as intense at work as compared to 8 years ago when I was fresh out of university and started working in this big bad world. Then I can burn the midnight oil and still wake up after an hour of sleep to go to work and feel absolutely nothing....these days I still feel lethargic during the day after 8 hours of sleep at night.


How time flies. How I quickly burn out.

How the hell am I going to survive to 40 with this?

And while we are talking about ageing....

I was lunching with a close friend earlier and she's pouring out her woes about elder women out there who is so desperate in snatching her boyfriend to a point she utters....

...hmmmm, how to put it ah???

"Dah la tua, tak sedar diri. Sampai umur macam tu tak ada anak lagi terhegeh-hegeh nak laki orang...."

Somewhere between the line.

I try not to be biased, especially in judging people I don't know but then it stomped me when I ask how old is she and replied 32.

Okay, thats not old. I am only a couple of years junior and what, if I am that age and a guy menggatal ngan I, will his wife/gf simply label me because of my age?

Not that I nak rampas laki orang la. I am so against rampas merampas ni but then who knows, mana tau laki ko yang gatal kan? Then you keluar that kind of statement and that kind of label, aint that so not classy?

OMG, kenapa la aku tetiba emo ni?

*Thank God I am single. Emotional guy mess is the least of my worries.But then it irks me when people blurted out things like that, macam cakap tak pikir and tak sedar diri yang karma can also get to you. Sigh*

But then again, wth. Its not my problem. Grin.

While taking in my food I try to remind myself that beauty comes from the inside, and to think such way will just pollute my outer beauty sebab seriously, if your mind thinks bad things then wont for your face projects bad vibes? No matter what age your at, the evil bitch always look ugly.

So lets all be saints. Saints tend to look young forever.

Even when they're exhausted.


Point to note : Maybe its a good thing to cermin our relationship with our partners and assess what kind of person we are with before simply giving out lewd comments to others....sebab non of us is perfect, takkan in all the imperfections kita nak simply tembak-tembak and label orang? Nanti termakan kata sendiri baru terasa pahit.

Oh tetiba aku jadi sasterawan negara.


Sunday, January 3, 2010 new year

Life has been pretty kind to me lately and I have been having loads of fun this past couple of weeks, I feel so blessed. Of course, my inner conflicts remains the same (and in fact,carried forward) but the what the heck, if I don't loosen up and enjoy life I'll be stuck being an old hag for nothing kan?

I am so looking forward to my next that the existing one had ended. But then mak aih, my boss seems quite adamant that I should give 110% percent on work and had frozen all leaves for the next 3 months till early april....sangat la bummer kan. Which means thats I can kiss Bangkok in February a big kiss goodbye. Sob sob sob. Sedih nak mati. My besties are partying in a neighbouring country and here I am, stuck. Sigh. I am hoping (big time) that my end May leave will be left alone and intact, coz I can use a 5 day island break after a much expected hectic first quarter of the year and I am eyeing an island in the southern peninsular this time....

Ngeh ngeh ngeh.

Will let you know kalau leave tak di-cancel-kan!

Will be heading to the cinemas tonight with Geng Ying, Jo and Fahmi to catch Sherlock Holmes later, and if my sis is right, will be drooling over Sherlock more than his partner. *grin*. Hope that the movies won't end up to late, sebab biasala esok masuk kerja,plus I am planning to bring my own food so I need to cook before I go to work. *grin*. Oh yeah. Kembali ke amalan cara hidup sihat now after 2 weeks of non-stop diet bingeing and of course, menyahut cabaran Ms Shasha BlackKatz on whose hgoing to be the biggest loser. *grin*. So since will be busy with work (thus equates to less time at gym and halted yoga sessions), I have to take extra care of what I eat. So no eating out!


oh my its 6pm already? I gtg then. Need to shower, do laundry, clean up....and the list goes on before I head for the cinemas. Cya!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Snapshots to New Year 2010

Hey y'all.....Happy New Year!!!!As I say goodbye to 2009, I didn't even bother to reflect on the past because all I care now is to move forward! I see redemption and new beginnings, and I do hope this new year will bring way more joy to me so I'm all psyched! As for new resolutions, I can simply put that no new ones are made. *grin*. My friend Azlina texted me yesterday and I'd like to share her take on new year resolutions....

"New year resolutions are simply cheques that men draw on a bank that they have no account".


So what's the point in drawing/making it?

Of course I have hopes for myself. I hope to be healthier, happier and more successful. How I get there I will think it through as I go on and take it one day at a time.

So yeay! No more "I have to achieve ------ by -------" pressure!

So much had happened this past week but I was swamped with work. So my mood to blog goes from all out to zilch!Here are some snapshots of the happenings pre new year 2010....

1. Had the worst wash and blow ever....

Before leaving Tampin last week my sis and I went to a salon in town for a quick wash and blow. Its not exactly rocket science or nuclear warfare, but damn I can blowdry my hair better than the stylist okay. Rambut I yang lurus ya-alam ni became frizzy......I came back with a frown all the way to KL.

*Dah la stuck dalam jam*


Anyways, that day we parked at.....

Hahahahhaahh! What a change from the normal shopping mall car parks yang berbumbung dan bertingkat-tingkat kan?

2. Karoke with the family

So the story goes that Faiz, Ani's boyfriend, wanna take us all out for a nice xmas/new year dinner celebration kat Melaka. But I insisted that we just eat in Tampin sebab I malas nak go all the way. (As if aku la drive kan, mengada je lebih) So him being nice and all said okay to a simple dinner which turns out fabulous! Sorry takde picca time makan, semua orang lapar sangat sampai malas nak tangkap gambar.

Akan tetapi.....

Faiz tak puashati that he spent too little. Katanya tak kelas. Amboi. Melampau. So my brother suggested that we go to QBox for karoke session....

Apa, Tampin ada QBox?

Ko jangan tak tau.....dah ada high end karoke centre kat sini. So bubbye karoke kotak.

At first it was kinda funny, coz the place wall all in bright green color and the front desk looks like a 7-eleven look a like. hehehehheh.

See...I told you siap ada convenience store...

But then, don't be easily deceived. Tempat ni sangat canggih, the skrin pun flat skrin okay....

We had loads of fun, sampai tambah lagi sejam. Surprisingly they have a lot of new numbers, so I sang Bitter Heart (Zee Avi), Mama Do (Pixie Lot), Party in the USA (Miley Cyrus....this is horrendous!) and many more.

I love Ani and Faiz's version of Fireflies (Owl Machine) and its so addictive okay!!!!! Hahhahaha! Now I want it on my ringtone too, tapi nanti sama ringtone dengan ani lagi! Sigh!

3. Supper @ Melting Pot with my Supper Club buddies

I so love the "chrismassy" feeling and guess what, this year Concorde even has a snowmen!

Concorde should really take us on as models.

Anyways,same place as usual for supper, just that this round conincides with the all the christmas dinners that at the end, we were more bloated than hungry when we don the buffet table.

So despite being very happy with the food and chatty all the same like we always do, the amount of food intake is definitely lesser than usual.


We should all reserve this moment to once-in-a-blue-moon-non-bloated-due-to-festivities-day-event so we get back our money's worth.

But I do have to say that the steam cod fish and the grilled lamb is superb, and if I had more tummy space, I would have gone for more than seconds.

And this is what will happen when you have OD'ed with food and goofing with a camera....

4. New Year @ Savanh, Mont Kiara.

After doing extra time at work from Monday to Wednesday, I immediately left office once the clock hit 5.30pm and head home, despite no plans for the new year. But then in between phone calls I end up at....

Bar Savanh at Mont Kiara. Just me and Faskah and a whole load of strangers but then woah, the party was good....

My take on the place is great! Great crowd! Good price! And I love the band! They did a very good Taylor Swift version of You Belong To Me and I fell in love instantly! Okay la, lagu lain pun best jugak. Sound system pun best jugak!

So yeah, we chilled and partied and popped the party pack when the clock strikes 12!

All is good and merry!

Now that its January its back to business!