Saturday, January 23, 2010

Better to love and lost than not feel love at it?

Is it best to be a sceptic in a relationship and withdraw the instant you see signs of distress, rather than go through the high tides and see what's in store when the dust settles?

Would I be a coward if I say that maybe its best to not feel at all, than feeling and having more questions and doubts?

I have to admit that love (in a way) changes me. Sometimes I feel that there is a part of me that becomes more vulnerable as I open up to a person, and scared. There are other parts that I hated to even realise is in me, and not only does I wonder how I ever end up that way in the first place....others wonder why as well.

What has become of me.


Alas, I can't deny that I miss the attention. The hopes and dreams. The ever after.

And that's what making all this more painful. To even dare to dream again.

Maybe I'm just scared. Of me. For me.

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