Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The first 2 working days since new year and I am already feeling exhausted???

Maybe age is taking a toll on me....not that I am saying that I am old, its just that perhaps I am no longer as intense at work as compared to 8 years ago when I was fresh out of university and started working in this big bad world. Then I can burn the midnight oil and still wake up after an hour of sleep to go to work and feel absolutely nothing....these days I still feel lethargic during the day after 8 hours of sleep at night.


How time flies. How I quickly burn out.

How the hell am I going to survive to 40 with this?

And while we are talking about ageing....

I was lunching with a close friend earlier and she's pouring out her woes about elder women out there who is so desperate in snatching her boyfriend to a point she utters....

...hmmmm, how to put it ah???

"Dah la tua, tak sedar diri. Sampai umur macam tu tak ada anak lagi terhegeh-hegeh nak laki orang...."

Somewhere between the line.

I try not to be biased, especially in judging people I don't know but then it stomped me when I ask how old is she and replied 32.

Okay, thats not old. I am only a couple of years junior and what, if I am that age and a guy menggatal ngan I, will his wife/gf simply label me because of my age?

Not that I nak rampas laki orang la. I am so against rampas merampas ni but then who knows, mana tau laki ko yang gatal kan? Then you keluar that kind of statement and that kind of label, aint that so not classy?

OMG, kenapa la aku tetiba emo ni?

*Thank God I am single. Emotional guy mess is the least of my worries.But then it irks me when people blurted out things like that, macam cakap tak pikir and tak sedar diri yang karma can also get to you. Sigh*

But then again, wth. Its not my problem. Grin.

While taking in my food I try to remind myself that beauty comes from the inside, and to think such way will just pollute my outer beauty sebab seriously, if your mind thinks bad things then wont for your face projects bad vibes? No matter what age your at, the evil bitch always look ugly.

So lets all be saints. Saints tend to look young forever.

Even when they're exhausted.


Point to note : Maybe its a good thing to cermin our relationship with our partners and assess what kind of person we are with before simply giving out lewd comments to others....sebab non of us is perfect, takkan in all the imperfections kita nak simply tembak-tembak and label orang? Nanti termakan kata sendiri baru terasa pahit.

Oh tetiba aku jadi sasterawan negara.



shasha said...

wohh~~ aku terasa seyyy....!

Zuraida said...

No pun intended shasha...orang yang patutnya terasa tak rasa apa pulak...


Nana said...

sigh! its hard lah when it comes to matters of the heart. Nak kata banyak pun takut nanti pelepek kena kat muka sendiri satu hari nanti. But my sister is right .. kalau you rasa benda tu dari awal lagi tak elok, avoid lah cepat2. Nanti dah melarat baru nak stop .. susah sendiri jugak.

What is it with men?!? Dah ada bini tu buat lah cara macam dah ada bini. Dok mengatal kesana kemari tu apa cerita? isk! tak patut betul!

Zuraida said...


kan? kan?? men, they don't know the good things they already have till all is lost and gone.


Maybe thats what happens when we're not grateful.

ERMAYUM said...

betul - sometimes kita tak tau apa masalah org, why dia in that position or do that or this- kalu kita kat tempat dia maybe kita lagi teruk :)- mana tahu kan - but hopefully di jauhkan