Monday, January 18, 2010

Late hour rendesvous

Busy bee checking in to see if the world still cares for her. She's been slaving to produce honey for Queen Bee and the outlook seems grim for the next one month or so, as the wind brought news that the production schedule is (again) moved forward.


Busy bee is definitely dying here. Still, trying her best to keep her stripes and wings and beat through the challenges.


Its almost 8.30pm and I am still at work. Yeah. Definitely a busy bee. Usually January is a laid back time of the year (or at least for the past 2 to 3 years it was pretty laidback) but this year, hmmm......already missed so much and there will be more missed.... the trip to Bangkok with Komala and Wen Chu.....we can strike that out. having a long weekend for Federal territory day and just snooze at home - we might potentially strike that out.... having an extra day off for during Chinese New Year week.....we can definitely strike that off too....


Its driving me bonkers. I dont have time to gym or yoga, so I don't sweat. Thus I get bloated. and I don't get to rest or go on a short break in between weekends....

...its definitely burning me out.


Kan best if someone someone can give me a foot massage right now?


As if. Don't put your hopes up to high. I am to busy with work, how could I ever go and get a someone someone???

Hahhahahaha. I got you!

I better wrap up my stuff if I wanna go home before 9pm.

Oh my.


shasha said...

me too!!

Sweettooth said...

are you going to Beyoga's Open Day this weekend??? mcm menarik la u... F.O.C. classes for 2 days, ada mini bijou bazaar, etc. check out .