Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lepak pool

Laid back tak laid back...lepas gym I had lunch (nasi daun pisang, mind you...abis effort semua kat gym tadi) and just grabbed my lappy and hung by the pool....

*ok, the picca is a mistake.I look horrendous...but then I malas nak tangkap gambar lain :P*

I got my own private verandah....and the weather was warm and perfect, I miss the beach more than I am supose to now. Sigh, Kan best if its suddenly May and I have tonnes of cash to splurge and I am far far away..... perhaps in Bali? In a very nice villa at Ubud????

I close my eyes and I can feel the fresh air.

Damn I miss the beach.

At the far end there's a couple with a baby, the mom is nursing while she don a pink bikini. Serious tak tipu okay. Mak vogue that doesnt even mind nursing in public while she's in a two piece, damn I say that takes a lot of courage.

You go girl!

But then for a mom she has nice legs. And her tummy (though requires a tummy tuck on any average day) is great for a mom of a less than one year old child, I'd say that if I had that body I wont mind donning a pink two piece either.


Cuba aku pakai 2 piece...pengsan agaknya semua orang...hahahhahahahah!

Okay. That's a lame joke.Of course it wilol never happen.


I wish there's another day before the weekend ends but then they are all simply wishfull thinking, How I envy those who don't have to be buzzed by alarm clocks early Monday morning and rush to the office like the rest of us yahoo's out there, such a bliss to wake up late evryday and not worry a single thing.....

At least life without such stress gives you better complexion.


I realised that succumbing to office work and lack of oxygen had made my skin somewhat rough lately, and its such a bummer okay, since it was just great last December.I really need a break....a long one while I am at it, and hopefully it'll come sooner rather than later.

Okay, I have enough fresh air. I'm taking a nap now.

U bunnies stay out of trouble okay?

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