Thursday, January 28, 2010

Miss me much???

Work has been pretty hectic lately...thus, the cause of my woe's. Anyways, hung out with Tina last weekend for breakfast and while waiting for her to wax, took charge of babysitting lil ol' Mika...

There you go...a sad face sebab kena tinggal. I think dia rasa tak puas hati pun ada sebab tetiba je kan dia dok sorang-sorang.

Yes, apa kejadahnya kat dalam waxing parlor pun nak pakai sunnies kan. The thing is my eyes are all black lately, so macam agak segan la nak move around with a black eye...all tired and tak bermaya.

Mika admiring my sunnies. Eh budak ni, suka hati je kan??????

Wats up yo???

Hahahahahah! I like that one. very the bagus.

He definitely hated the "Merry Xmas" hat. Yeah yeah yeah...xmas dah lama berlalu, so out of season kan???

Out of stress I went to spa and salon yesterday, and had my urut with hotstone and got my roots tended for.

Susah la bila color rambut terang ni. When it grows gila la merempan kena touch up. Nasib baik I dah biasa with the stylist. While they were coloring I contemplated on a haircut because I still love my long hair. So I decided....

..... to just get fringes.

Mi kept my hair long, and chopped the fringes to just above the eye.

At first I was a bit taken aback. Mampos la lepas ni muka aku nampak lagi bulat. But to come to think about it, the fringes draw attention to my eyes, not the overall face. So it doesn't look so bad.

So now I am starting to like it!



shasha said...

hoih..apasal aku tak perasan masa aku jumpa kau ari tuh?

Zuraida said...

obviously. rambut baru touch up semalam!

ms. lili@ said...

nice new hairdo!!! :)

missycha said...

cantik =)