Thursday, January 14, 2010

Movie Night Wednesday

I have been spending my free time chilling at home and resting lately, since work is a bomb an I am just too tired to go out, apa lagi nak work out. So after dinner yesterday I settled with a DVD that I wished I had seen a while back but fail to do so...

*The Time Traveller's Wife*

A story about love that transcend time.


What amazes me is how the girl , Carrie, became the centre of the guy's life. Despite the fact that he travels between one time and another, she is always the one that he goes home to.....the one that he see's everytime he goes to another time zone.

In other words, the centre of his life.

I found the movie romantic and touching, I almost cried when he died.


Good watch. A bit slow though, so if you're expecting a fast paced movie then this might not be it. But I love it nonetheless.



Anonymous said...

Carrie? Bukan Clare ke nama pompuan tu? Laki tu Henry..You combine both name ker dpt Carrie??hehehe..jgn mare..

Zuraida said...

hahahahahh! I stand corrected. Man I am so tired I must have forgotten lot of thgs!

no offense taken.


Sweettooth said...

i just got the DVD fr my friend, am so gonna watch it tonite :)