Sunday, January 24, 2010

Out to meet the whole wide world

Its been a while since I blogged (or went out) so I suppose there is someone out there who do miss me (yeah. hopefully...itll be darn pitifull if there's none)and here I am, having a cuppa at starbuck BVII, just chilling (and yeah, eavesdropping over the girls next table...okay okay, its so unintentional but the gossip was oh-so-darn-juicy...)....

*a quickie all unruly and in a dire need of root dye and a treatment...eyes swollen and black, thus the need of the sunnies eventhough I am in a shopping mall (oh yes, agak bitchy di situ) and the couple at the next table is staring at me with this quizzical look as I toy with my webcam to take the pic*

Oh, people do such crazy things.


*and the couple next table have a pair of oh-so-cool iphones...tetiba aku jeles...sigh...takdemaknenye okay, takde maknenye*

I have been on twilight movie marathon (twice) this week and god Jacob Black still takes my breath away everytime he takes off his shirt at the motorcycle accident scene. If only I have a 50 inch flat screen then life will be such a bliss. *grin*. Label me delusional for raving over a young adolescent as such but then what the heck, there's no harm in getting short breaths for a second so let us be with it....


Oh my, its 1pm already and I havent hit the gym yet, better pack up and leave....all this Farmville addiction hade made me couped up for a while, making me skip my gym sessions....which is not so got considering.....

...hmmm, lets not nag about weight.


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