Sunday, January 3, 2010 new year

Life has been pretty kind to me lately and I have been having loads of fun this past couple of weeks, I feel so blessed. Of course, my inner conflicts remains the same (and in fact,carried forward) but the what the heck, if I don't loosen up and enjoy life I'll be stuck being an old hag for nothing kan?

I am so looking forward to my next that the existing one had ended. But then mak aih, my boss seems quite adamant that I should give 110% percent on work and had frozen all leaves for the next 3 months till early april....sangat la bummer kan. Which means thats I can kiss Bangkok in February a big kiss goodbye. Sob sob sob. Sedih nak mati. My besties are partying in a neighbouring country and here I am, stuck. Sigh. I am hoping (big time) that my end May leave will be left alone and intact, coz I can use a 5 day island break after a much expected hectic first quarter of the year and I am eyeing an island in the southern peninsular this time....

Ngeh ngeh ngeh.

Will let you know kalau leave tak di-cancel-kan!

Will be heading to the cinemas tonight with Geng Ying, Jo and Fahmi to catch Sherlock Holmes later, and if my sis is right, will be drooling over Sherlock more than his partner. *grin*. Hope that the movies won't end up to late, sebab biasala esok masuk kerja,plus I am planning to bring my own food so I need to cook before I go to work. *grin*. Oh yeah. Kembali ke amalan cara hidup sihat now after 2 weeks of non-stop diet bingeing and of course, menyahut cabaran Ms Shasha BlackKatz on whose hgoing to be the biggest loser. *grin*. So since will be busy with work (thus equates to less time at gym and halted yoga sessions), I have to take extra care of what I eat. So no eating out!


oh my its 6pm already? I gtg then. Need to shower, do laundry, clean up....and the list goes on before I head for the cinemas. Cya!

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shasha said...

errkk...siap mention nama tak tahan tuh..hahahha...good luck to us kan babe!!