Friday, January 22, 2010

Retracting to my own cocoon

If anyone ever say getting over love is easy as ABC and that you can bounce back on your feet in a jiffy, you should.....

...strangle that person immediately.

Because despite best efforts, its not something easy.

Take it from me.

I indulge in work to a point I dream of work. Go out more often with friend. Try to fill the gap with as much activity I could do. Turn into a gym bug.Got a cat). I justify everything to just me,me and me and seems like I'm back on my own two feet but...

...when a switch inside me is ticked I break to a thousand pieces....again.

And I am facing it again. Alone.

Because at this point, I just felt stupid to even dwell over it. Ashamed that it still get to me to even admit it to my buddies and angry that I am not strong to face it when its more than 6 months passed.


It sucks (and idiotic) when such person can have such a big effect in your life. Even when they trashed you aside and made u feel like dump. Ages later you still feel like dump.

I have to love myself more.


Astrhea said...

i can totally relate to that... our predicament is almost the same... sometimes rasa cam nak lempang diri sendiri pun ada... but we'll get over it... sabar ye, 6 months is still new... there's one guy i know said he took 7 years to recover and told me girls would normally take double the time... to which i reply, no way i'm gonna suffer for 14 years mannn...

so, hang tough ok... you r not alone... *hugs*

Zuraida said...

Errk....14 years to get over that a*hole?

*okay, since I am the eone dated him I am at liberty to call him a a*hole...the rest of you please don't go bitching about him as if his your jerk coz seriously....not classy*


thats one full decade of misery i am so not looking forward too.

*God please pull me off this rut*