Friday, January 1, 2010

Snapshots to New Year 2010

Hey y'all.....Happy New Year!!!!As I say goodbye to 2009, I didn't even bother to reflect on the past because all I care now is to move forward! I see redemption and new beginnings, and I do hope this new year will bring way more joy to me so I'm all psyched! As for new resolutions, I can simply put that no new ones are made. *grin*. My friend Azlina texted me yesterday and I'd like to share her take on new year resolutions....

"New year resolutions are simply cheques that men draw on a bank that they have no account".


So what's the point in drawing/making it?

Of course I have hopes for myself. I hope to be healthier, happier and more successful. How I get there I will think it through as I go on and take it one day at a time.

So yeay! No more "I have to achieve ------ by -------" pressure!

So much had happened this past week but I was swamped with work. So my mood to blog goes from all out to zilch!Here are some snapshots of the happenings pre new year 2010....

1. Had the worst wash and blow ever....

Before leaving Tampin last week my sis and I went to a salon in town for a quick wash and blow. Its not exactly rocket science or nuclear warfare, but damn I can blowdry my hair better than the stylist okay. Rambut I yang lurus ya-alam ni became frizzy......I came back with a frown all the way to KL.

*Dah la stuck dalam jam*


Anyways, that day we parked at.....

Hahahahhaahh! What a change from the normal shopping mall car parks yang berbumbung dan bertingkat-tingkat kan?

2. Karoke with the family

So the story goes that Faiz, Ani's boyfriend, wanna take us all out for a nice xmas/new year dinner celebration kat Melaka. But I insisted that we just eat in Tampin sebab I malas nak go all the way. (As if aku la drive kan, mengada je lebih) So him being nice and all said okay to a simple dinner which turns out fabulous! Sorry takde picca time makan, semua orang lapar sangat sampai malas nak tangkap gambar.

Akan tetapi.....

Faiz tak puashati that he spent too little. Katanya tak kelas. Amboi. Melampau. So my brother suggested that we go to QBox for karoke session....

Apa, Tampin ada QBox?

Ko jangan tak tau.....dah ada high end karoke centre kat sini. So bubbye karoke kotak.

At first it was kinda funny, coz the place wall all in bright green color and the front desk looks like a 7-eleven look a like. hehehehheh.

See...I told you siap ada convenience store...

But then, don't be easily deceived. Tempat ni sangat canggih, the skrin pun flat skrin okay....

We had loads of fun, sampai tambah lagi sejam. Surprisingly they have a lot of new numbers, so I sang Bitter Heart (Zee Avi), Mama Do (Pixie Lot), Party in the USA (Miley Cyrus....this is horrendous!) and many more.

I love Ani and Faiz's version of Fireflies (Owl Machine) and its so addictive okay!!!!! Hahhahaha! Now I want it on my ringtone too, tapi nanti sama ringtone dengan ani lagi! Sigh!

3. Supper @ Melting Pot with my Supper Club buddies

I so love the "chrismassy" feeling and guess what, this year Concorde even has a snowmen!

Concorde should really take us on as models.

Anyways,same place as usual for supper, just that this round conincides with the all the christmas dinners that at the end, we were more bloated than hungry when we don the buffet table.

So despite being very happy with the food and chatty all the same like we always do, the amount of food intake is definitely lesser than usual.


We should all reserve this moment to once-in-a-blue-moon-non-bloated-due-to-festivities-day-event so we get back our money's worth.

But I do have to say that the steam cod fish and the grilled lamb is superb, and if I had more tummy space, I would have gone for more than seconds.

And this is what will happen when you have OD'ed with food and goofing with a camera....

4. New Year @ Savanh, Mont Kiara.

After doing extra time at work from Monday to Wednesday, I immediately left office once the clock hit 5.30pm and head home, despite no plans for the new year. But then in between phone calls I end up at....

Bar Savanh at Mont Kiara. Just me and Faskah and a whole load of strangers but then woah, the party was good....

My take on the place is great! Great crowd! Good price! And I love the band! They did a very good Taylor Swift version of You Belong To Me and I fell in love instantly! Okay la, lagu lain pun best jugak. Sound system pun best jugak!

So yeah, we chilled and partied and popped the party pack when the clock strikes 12!

All is good and merry!

Now that its January its back to business!



shasha said...

happy new year babe!

ERMAYUM said...

happy new year to u :)

cik EPAL said...

happy new year :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Zuraida said...

Dear all,

Happy New Year to you guys too!

Dear Anonymous,

Glad that you think that there's improvement but personally I think the way I write doesn't change that much.hahahahah! Maybe because I write more this year compared than the year before so the topics were evolving! Anyways, u have a good day kay!