Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yes, sayalah orang gila yang bekerja hari Ahad itu......

I am at work today to prepare for tomorrow's closing of accounts,and to clear up some admin details that at the end of the day did not pop up because my email burst and was automatically closed. Sigh. Gila keji. Among all the days this is when I have insufficient disk space to work with, and I was expecting those emails. Huarrgggh!!!!!

Nevertheless, since less work to attend to, I get to spend only half day at work instead of a full day. So I'll be packing my bags and leaving soon.

In which is a huge plus plus plus.

Work is driving me over the edge, but the time I took to pamper myself over the weekend did wonders to me. Its been quite a while since I took the time to do a mini spa at home and it made me feel so relieved, I slept like a baby this past 2 day.

*suke hati*

How time's already March tomorrow and voila, two months had passed like nobody's business. Tak sabarnya nak tunggu for all the workload to slow down in April, and I am definitely excited togo out of town in May I am already scheming holiday plans with a few friends.

Lets just hope I can scrouge enough moolahs to go for an island escape by then. Money runs like water lately. Its so depressing.

Oklah. Dah lapar. Signing off.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Just another Monday....

The weekend passed like a breeze. Seems like time off is never enough. Sigh. Kan best if I can just take the whole week off??? It'll be super awesome just chilling and doing absolutely nothing.

Oh yes.


Anyways, my two best buddies Jo and Fahmi got engaged last weekend and was so happy to be a part of it. The food was great, all in all it was a very nice ceremony. And on top of that, spend Sunday morning with Tina having roti canai and tiramisu.... Malaysian. Everything semua boleh makan sekali. Macam rojak.

The best is yet to come. Too bad I woke up this morning with a ketumbit.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hanya orang gila saja kerja lewat malam....

....dan saya adalah salah seorang daripada orang gila itu.


I wont say thank God tomorrow's Friday because workload is getting from humongous to freaking unbearable....kan best if they all suddenly vanish in thin air. I know, macam statement orang tak bersyukur je. Sebab at least I have a job that pays my dues (and hell yeah kalau takde kerja ni memang mati la nak bayar dues every month) but its getting really really hard.....

....hard to stay focus.

.....hard to be patient.

....hard to keep being motivated.

Not that I hate what I am doing. I just hated the pace. Its getting faster and faster everyday and I felt as if I had too much but then macam segan la pulak nak complain and all kan, sebab who knows, others are getting it worse kan? Apa divanya nak bising-bising complain over-worked kan?


Happy thoughts.

I realised that lately I am splurging on sweets to calm my stressed out emotions and had effectively skipped gym for over a month. Phewh. That is bad. The weighing scales had shouted an extra 2 pounds post CNY and I didn't feel a thing.....just think more of work.

Oh my.

On another note, yours truly had got the basic Download Using Bit Torrent 101 scoop from her brother and guess what, had succesfully downloaded the whole season 4 of Ugly Betty and in amidst downloading NCIS LA.

Thats the only happy thoughts I have in my head right now. My DVD collection. Oh I should go get the 1 terra hard drive so I can get more and never have to delete any of the old ones.

It pains me when I have to let go the series that I love.


Too bad la with that Pak Cik Lanun yang I selalu jumpa to get my DVD fix will have less business. Yeah, i think I'd rather utilise the unlimited internet access I have now than spending too much on DVD' I always do.

I better pack up and leave. Another 10 minutes I will definitely go crazy.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The weekend we celebrated another birthday....

Was at Frames @ TTDI last Friday to (again) celebrate Raf's bday with the rest of my besties. How time felt as if it was just yesterday we celebrated her bday at HRC but then again that was last year (or was it the year before?).....

Happy Birthday babe.

I had grilled salmon and a piece of cake they got from Just Heavenly...oh so sedap!!!!! The piccas is with Era though, I didn't take much pic off my camera that night.



Chinese New Year passed like a stupor. The heat was super unbearable, I have the aircond on most of the time and I rarely have my fan on......most days. Sigh. I wonder how the rest of the world deal with it.


And I learnt how to download stuff off the internet, thanks to my lil bro. *grin*. Now I can give the Pakcik Lanun DVD a rest. Hahahahahah. And just get hooked with the shows I want from the internet.

Oh such joy.

Too bad its a working day tomorrow. Too bad.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Holler to the long weekend y'alls!

Aint you all glad that the long weekend is about to start? Too bad that I can't take the whole week off but considering that workload is still in a huge humongous pile, then I count my blessings to have that two public holidays on tow after the weekend. *smile* I am so looking forward to the break to get some R&R because only God knows how impatient and berbulu I get these days when it comes to work.


I am getting work get to me. Its not suppose to be the case.


Before I start rambling nonsense and forget what I want to say I better say it out loud now....

I need to go and kickstart work now. TTYL.

To all my chinese buddies..... Gong Xi fa Cai!!!!! And the rest of us......Happy Long weekend celebrating CNY!!!!

Kalau rajin boleh hantar kat I limau banyak!!!!!!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All work and no play makes you a dull girl.....

Agreed! *grin* Especially bila dah kebuntuan hilang arah and whatnot haruslah we take a step back, take a deep breath and relax, baru boleh sambung berfikir balik...otherwise mati buntu la kan???? That why this is the time of the year when I make fast food joints and sugary outlets (like Beard papa, Krispy Kreme) uber rich......asyik makan je......apa aku melalut despite being busy, I do take a break and have fun.....

Karoke with Ms Yolkies.

Kata ada haircut baru kan, color takkan nak dok umah je kan?

So one fine day Ms Yolkies ajak karoke and since I dah lama tak meluahkan perasaan (ngehngenegh) so haruslah I pun ikut sekali bersuka ria. I was having loads of fun sampai....

Atas speaker pun boleh camho! Hahahahh! But then suara ala serak serak fail that day, obviously sangat memalukan. But then Ms Yolkies have a great voice, I enjoyed picking songs after songs and making her sing.

Oh yes.I don't hog the mic.

Attended Wen Chu and Komala's Farewell Party @ Vintry, Damansara Heights.

Not that I frequented Vintry, its a wine joint, but then I was there as penyeri and to create havoc as Komala and Wen Chu bid their goodbye's to my old employer (oh suke...lagi ramai orang resign dari sana lagi suka....apakah???). The highlight of the night was...

*Joanna's homemade Chocolate Cake with supersize whip cream!!!!!!Yummey*

I had two *shhhhh....senyap senyap sudah* and it was so heavenly, I eyed at it longingly the whole night. Sangat la superb.

Everyone was there.....even those who had left for quite sometime coz we all seem to have fun throwing parties for people to move on.

After Vintry, dragged Wei Liew, Komalaand Wenchu to WIP @ Bangsar. Chill sampai pagi.

Till the lights turned on again.....that's how late that night were.

Or should I say early morning???

Ayu's Wedding @ Wangsa Maju

Ayu, a dear old friend of mine from back in my PwC days, got hitched the Federal Day weekend and so on the way home from KL I dropped by at her wedding to have a taste of (free) wedding food.


Okay okay, not that I am too eager about the food. Its just that I thought it'll be fun to meet up with old buddies, don't you think????

I memang tak fasih sangat with Wangsa Maju area and agak stress la cari the hall because it goes all inside in between apartments area, but thank God we made it anyway, when I was just about to give up all hope.....

*sesat pun gembira....see???*

Of course, agenda utama is to meet the bride, and we were quite early that day so sempat la tangkap gambar dengan pengantin....

And the food.....

Sangat sedap. I suka the ayam rempah.


In between all the wedding chaos ada la minah ni siap bawak lappy pergi kenduri....

*cheq berblogging ko?*

By the time the bride and groom berarak masuk dewan I start meeting a lot of my ex-PwC people, so I hang out a bit till about 3pm before heading to my mom's. Yelah, bila lagi nak catch up kan?

To ayu and new hubby,

Happy Newlyweds!!!!!Semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu!!!!!

And of course, thanks for inviting me. Dah lama kita tak jumpa hang out sama-sama okay, tetiba you kahwin!!!!


On top of that I also took a couple of time offs and hid at Spa Artiyana.....


Oh dah nak 5pm. The company is having CNY high tea. Makan. Good.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Just dropping by....

The past couple of weeks had been pretty hectic....thus render the silence since I am buried in piles and piles of workload up to my neck, I practically can't breath. At some point I think it has brought the worse in me because I am now prone to sarcasm and temper tantrums, in which I hate myself after because I am so not that kind of person.

I hate having to keep barking at people like an old dog. Its so depressing.

And when I am tired and depressed I gpo back to my own personal roller coaster and indulge in sugary stuff, which is so not good.

For me at least.

The whole diet thing is already a sham. Sigh. Don't ever talk about dieting when you seek comfort in food 24-7. At the height of all this I even indulge in 3 pieces of Beard Papa cream puffs at one go. Hoho ho yeah, so sinful.

Tomorrow is another working day. And since there'll be food (as we're celebrating CNY tomorrow) all is good.

At the comfort food department of course.

Oh this has to stop.

I have to go recuperate now.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Its the end of Tuesday already?

Oh yes, percaya tak percaya Tuesday flew like a breeze and I still have a mountain of things to do that screams to be done. Gosh, i just got a long talk about the distinction between a worker and a profesional - and got threaten to be the latter, so mak sangat scary at this point mula la kena berusaha gigih dan keras menyiapkan kerja-kerja tertunggak ni....


Inilah akibatnya bila dapat arahan merapu.


I am signing off for know. Reasons don't produce results. So I am going to go back to work to get results...