Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hanya orang gila saja kerja lewat malam....

....dan saya adalah salah seorang daripada orang gila itu.


I wont say thank God tomorrow's Friday because workload is getting from humongous to freaking unbearable....kan best if they all suddenly vanish in thin air. I know, macam statement orang tak bersyukur je. Sebab at least I have a job that pays my dues (and hell yeah kalau takde kerja ni memang mati la nak bayar dues every month) but its getting really really hard.....

....hard to stay focus.

.....hard to be patient.

....hard to keep being motivated.

Not that I hate what I am doing. I just hated the pace. Its getting faster and faster everyday and I felt as if I had too much but then macam segan la pulak nak complain and all kan, sebab who knows, others are getting it worse kan? Apa divanya nak bising-bising complain over-worked kan?


Happy thoughts.

I realised that lately I am splurging on sweets to calm my stressed out emotions and had effectively skipped gym for over a month. Phewh. That is bad. The weighing scales had shouted an extra 2 pounds post CNY and I didn't feel a thing.....just think more of work.

Oh my.

On another note, yours truly had got the basic Download Using Bit Torrent 101 scoop from her brother and guess what, had succesfully downloaded the whole season 4 of Ugly Betty and in amidst downloading NCIS LA.

Thats the only happy thoughts I have in my head right now. My DVD collection. Oh I should go get the 1 terra hard drive so I can get more and never have to delete any of the old ones.

It pains me when I have to let go the series that I love.


Too bad la with that Pak Cik Lanun yang I selalu jumpa to get my DVD fix will have less business. Yeah, i think I'd rather utilise the unlimited internet access I have now than spending too much on DVD' I always do.

I better pack up and leave. Another 10 minutes I will definitely go crazy.



zewt said...

kalau macam tu... banyak orang gila kat KL... :P

indeed, the pace of work will just continue to pick up... that's how it is here... unfortunately.

sucks isnt it?

Lea Shmea said...

kak zue! u're totally over worked!!! keja smpi mlm! lucky u dont have a family yet. get some rest plssss.

Nana said...

wah rajin nye download. bukan kat malaysia lembab gila ke nak download? kat sini they are very strict about downloads. negara socialist lah katakan :(

Zuraida said...


apparently thats a fact and a lot of us don't now that we're actually crazy coz everyone made it look so normal. Try and throw one of us'll be evident.


yeah, it definitely sucks.


i need a major R&R. Kalaula ada sponsor! ngehngehngeh! hari ni jugak I order jet satu pergi paris.

amboi. berangan lebih.


and when I do get to paris I'll holler you and pass all the DVD series.....hahahahaah!

Anonymous said...

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