Friday, February 12, 2010

Holler to the long weekend y'alls!

Aint you all glad that the long weekend is about to start? Too bad that I can't take the whole week off but considering that workload is still in a huge humongous pile, then I count my blessings to have that two public holidays on tow after the weekend. *smile* I am so looking forward to the break to get some R&R because only God knows how impatient and berbulu I get these days when it comes to work.


I am getting work get to me. Its not suppose to be the case.


Before I start rambling nonsense and forget what I want to say I better say it out loud now....

I need to go and kickstart work now. TTYL.

To all my chinese buddies..... Gong Xi fa Cai!!!!! And the rest of us......Happy Long weekend celebrating CNY!!!!

Kalau rajin boleh hantar kat I limau banyak!!!!!!


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shasha said...

have a nice holiday babe!