Sunday, February 7, 2010

Just dropping by....

The past couple of weeks had been pretty hectic....thus render the silence since I am buried in piles and piles of workload up to my neck, I practically can't breath. At some point I think it has brought the worse in me because I am now prone to sarcasm and temper tantrums, in which I hate myself after because I am so not that kind of person.

I hate having to keep barking at people like an old dog. Its so depressing.

And when I am tired and depressed I gpo back to my own personal roller coaster and indulge in sugary stuff, which is so not good.

For me at least.

The whole diet thing is already a sham. Sigh. Don't ever talk about dieting when you seek comfort in food 24-7. At the height of all this I even indulge in 3 pieces of Beard Papa cream puffs at one go. Hoho ho yeah, so sinful.

Tomorrow is another working day. And since there'll be food (as we're celebrating CNY tomorrow) all is good.

At the comfort food department of course.

Oh this has to stop.

I have to go recuperate now.

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