Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yes, sayalah orang gila yang bekerja hari Ahad itu......

I am at work today to prepare for tomorrow's closing of accounts,and to clear up some admin details that at the end of the day did not pop up because my email burst and was automatically closed. Sigh. Gila keji. Among all the days this is when I have insufficient disk space to work with, and I was expecting those emails. Huarrgggh!!!!!

Nevertheless, since less work to attend to, I get to spend only half day at work instead of a full day. So I'll be packing my bags and leaving soon.

In which is a huge plus plus plus.

Work is driving me over the edge, but the time I took to pamper myself over the weekend did wonders to me. Its been quite a while since I took the time to do a mini spa at home and it made me feel so relieved, I slept like a baby this past 2 day.

*suke hati*

How time's already March tomorrow and voila, two months had passed like nobody's business. Tak sabarnya nak tunggu for all the workload to slow down in April, and I am definitely excited togo out of town in May I am already scheming holiday plans with a few friends.

Lets just hope I can scrouge enough moolahs to go for an island escape by then. Money runs like water lately. Its so depressing.

Oklah. Dah lapar. Signing off.

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shasha said...

cuti cuti malaysia!!