Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The day I went to the F1 Pit Pulse Party

Last weekend agak semangat la nak pi party sebab Mrs Dot ajak kan, and since I have absolutely nothing (nada) to do, so I took quite some time getting ready.

So semangat sampai sanggup pergi peek-A-Boo to get my tresses tended to and they transformed me from this.....

*your's truly, as advertised last Saturday*

To the hotness.....

*oh yes, with hair and make-up...finally, tak de la orang macam mati anak kan??*

Though its a party macam agak segan la to just walk in just my mini skirt, so I went and extra mile and got these....

*purple colored leggings....sangat suke!*

*Note to self : buang karen betul la budak-budak ni. Suka sangat tanya benda last minute. Hampeh je buat spoil mood aku, kan dah kena marah???

Back to the party....

So it was held at Jalan Binjai and gosh the set-up was a bit extravagant....

They actually turned a parking lot to a building....okayla, frankly speaking masuk dalam macam club okay. I am impressed. How much do you think it cost? For the sake of partnership with Mercedes?

*Macam glass house kan? kat oversea kan? Who the hell knows its behind Nikko Hotel kat Jalan Binjai tu*

I wanted to snap more pics in the (overglorified) tent tapi gelap sangat la, and I am not carrying an SLR. Ye lah, cam biasa je kan....

At first Mrs Dot says there will be dinner. So agak teruha la, ingat makan free. We ended up with only finger foods....tengok la saiz dia....

*bite size....cukup ke?*

Akan tetapi....

The whole night we got free flow fruit juice. Cool. Amalam yang sangat sihat.

*at least they're not cola*

Nasib baik la waiter waiter kat situ macam tahu je table aku tu kelaparan semuanya...berubi tubi diorang datang with trays and trays of food....

*oh satay. sedap*

We chilled outside the tent for quite a bit while Syafinaz sang her OTT tunes, it was pitch black coz it was Earth Hour......

They came up with a pit next to the tent for drag shows I suppose. There will be events everyday this week till 4th of April, with Schumacher making an appearance to meet the fans yesterday and at the party tonight.

Oh yes, dia ada party lagi malam ni. But I'm not going. Cukup la satu. Did I say that it feels a bit dead anyway?? Backdrop dahcantik, the food is quite okay, the drinks is acceptable but the crowd....


Can't say.

But.I did have a good time with the very few I met last weekend. They're such a sport. Its fun. Its just that maybe I have expected a larger (more diversed) crowd. and something more happening than my annual dinner last year.

*Oh don't get me started about that*

*chilling at the patio*

The music pick up speed sometime after 10.30pm so everyone went back in....

They have a DJ, a drummer and...

an electric violinist.

So we got our party feet moving.

And it kept moving till midnight.

Biasalah, when the clock strikes 12 semua jadi cinderella.


Anyways, I had a great time. Coz soon after I took my party feet somewhere else.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bangun bangun pagi dah stress...

...sebab pagi pagi dah rosakkan baju. I accidently set the iron to hot then voila, got a huge hole dekat my sleeves.

But the I improvised....

Not exactly that great with short sleeves as compared to quater sleeves like its intended to but then rather than tossing the whole dress away when its not even used (once!) then better improvise it so at least its not all gone to waste.


Note to the rest of the world : Don't be fooled by my slimming mirror. I feel huge and humngous these days, so imagine how cheated I felt inside everytime I look at my reflection, its such a bad feeling...



I love the dress. It reminds me of Lily Bass (from Gossip Girl). Maybe I can find a way to salvage it.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Getting ready.....malam ni kita partay!!!!!

Tadi masa pergi berurut at Spa Artiyana tu Kak Jie the tukang urut tanya....

"Dah ada boyfriend belum?"

Okay, kak Jie ni buang tebiat agaknya. Over the past 3 months she had been asking me the same question and the answer is somewhat still the same....

"Mana ada Kak Jie, kalau asyik kerja je bila nak keluar cari boyfriend?"

In which makes sense. Unless you go for office flings. But then I don't shit and eat at the same time, so office flings is never my thingy.

"Kalau macam tu kamu kena cepat-cepat cari. Takkan nak sorang selamanya"

Okay, tetiba je. Sigh. Ni mesti dah baik balik ngan laki dia.

Ooops. Heheheh. Lepak spa ni banyak je gossip boleh dengar. Yelah, one day you preach to me that its better to be alone than eat your heart out for a man, and the next day you believe in lovey dovey happy endings.....there must be something cooking....

Or not. Hehehhe.

Apa la aku melalut ni?

Anyways, Mrs Dot macam tau je aku kesunyian lately. Right after I finished my berurut session she rung me out of the blue and ajak I pergi party.

And so I put on a Cheshire Cat grin and said "No problemo, count me in".

Okay. Apa salahnya bersuka ria sekali sekala kan. I am single.

I am suppose to meet her at her place sometime 7ish and I have a hair appointment at 6pm, so obviously sekarang ni I am all ready la.....

*okay, macam semangat tak hengat pulak. Now all I need is make up*

Sian Izzy malam ni kena tinggal sorang.

*P/s : If Tina is reading this, sorry babe, I have a full day test run tomorrow at office, maybe I'll just drop by after later tomorrow to see how you are doing ye?*

So if any of you guys bump into me at Jalan Binjai tonight, do say hi!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Akibat sakit gigi....

I have been having wisdom tooth woes since last Monday and I have to say that its not nice. In fact...its horrible, I feel like smacking everyone at work. Add that to the mounting stress I am facing lately and voila, you have a very horrible version of me.




How can you be patient again when lightning strikes in your own mouth? Oh yes, on top of the swollen gums I am feeling the sensitive teeth bit a bit too much....terasa macam petir sabung menyabung je dalam mulut ni...ngilu nak mati.

To sum it up....I've been having a really bad day this past couple of days.


The painkillers is just not enough. I think I have to change my toothpaste too....not only because the flouride is chapping my lips (oh yes, flouride contributes to chapping lips, do google more) but also to something more friendly to my sensitive I got these...

*Dental White Plus*

I use to use this brand years back, tapi stop sebab tak tahan sebab satu tiub mahal tak hengat, tapi tapi I went through this temporary memory loss phase and grabbed a twin pack.

In which I regret later sebab the twin pack cost me freaking 50 bucks!

So much for sensitive teeth. Grrrr. I wish I can find a cheaper alternative, because 50 bucks for toothpaste is a bit too much.


But its a good toothpaste.And it did work quite well when I last used them. So not all is in vain.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Have you filed your tax returns???

Oh yes, it is (again) the time of the year when we all scurry over our bills and EA forms to file our annual tax returns. I was in a hurry to file mine today thinking that the dateline is due on the 31st just to find out that hey, its not due till 30th April.


Or at least that's what announced in the LHDN website la. But then its a relief to just get it over and done with, so I did my returns in between reviews and within minutes I manage to settle my current debt to society.

Okay, tetiba je rasa macam a good samaritan kan, padahal most of the time I pun don't give a damn.


Thank God for the computer rebate I don't have to pay additional assessment this year. *grin*. Money is a bit tight these days so thats a blessing in disguise. Dah la last month kena slapped with additional assessment for YA2007 and mak pokai bayar this is a plus plus plus for me. So hello spa day here I come okay. *grin*.

Adoi. sakit perut dan sakit gigi. Very bad combo. Hopefully I don't have to stay back that late.

*okay, auditor baru confirm cakap cashflow workings satu dah pass. Yippee...joget panda kejap*

Tapi still sakit perut...


Don't forget to settle your dues.

The Balm To the Rescue - Vegan Lip Treatment!

Recently life has been like a rollercoaster - its freaking crazy sampai takde masa nak minum air pun. Of late the busyness tok sah cakap la, at some point i am contemplating murder-homicide in which at some point, its gonna be bloody. So agak normal la if you bump into me looking a bit not in place anymore, makeup (most of the time) is non-existent (oh especially makin malas nak pakai bedak pun) and rambut kusut tak bermaya but then the thing i hated most is....


Serious benci. But then a girl tak de choice la sebab minum air tak cukup kan. Then at some point rasa minum air bergelen-gelen pun bibir still kering....akan tetapi.....

I found this!

*the Balm To the Rescue- Vegan Lip Treatment*

At first I thought its just a normal lip balm. Kalau pakai pun takde long term effect. But then sekali cuba I terus teruja because it gives me a silky smooth lip immediately upon application. And that is huge for me sebab my lips are chapped to the max!

Oh yeah.

The packaging is nothing fancy but it comes with a mirror. Handy handy.

Immediately upon application you will feel a cooling sensation, because I think the stuff has mint in it. Tapi tolonglah, sila jangan makan the lip balm....because I don't think its ever invented to be consumed orally. The thing I love most on top of the immediate silky smooth lips is how it instantly makes my lip a reddish tint (eventhough the balm actually has no color)...

Okayla...bad example. bibir ku gelap akibat over-exposed with make-up. But then trust me....its lighter now than before.


Now I have chappy lips no more...thanks to the Balm!

The only downside that it cost a bomb. each unit is about RM50....thats a bit pricey for a lip balm....don't you think so?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To Dear Mrs Dot Yang Pasti Sangat Merindui Izzy.....

Dear Mrs Dot,

I met Komala earlier and she said that you asked about Izzy.....OMG, you rindu ye kat anak angkat you???? FYI Izzy dah membesar bagaikan juara, and dia pun dah pandai throw tantrum and nag at me on a daily basis, but as always, despite everything, still very manja and very obedient. Nowadays dia dah okay dah bila tengok drama-drama action on TV, sebab this past 2 weeks dia dok layan I tengok NCIS LA and 24 season 8 on my lappy. *grin*. So yeah, she grew up. Takde la asyik layan Glee and Gossip Girl je. Ngeh ngeh ngeh.

Bagi mengubat rindu dihatimu here it is....Izzy saying hi!!!

Oh mula mula she's a bit shy sikit....dia nak lari masa I snap pics of her but second time's a charm.....
She still hasn't inherited our passion to camwhore but then maybe in due time la, practice makes perfect kan??? Nanti aku tangkap gambar dia wont take long I suppose, considering dia suka je tengok reflection dia kat cermin.

*grin - kucingku agak vain*

Kalau free nanti buzz me. I nak tanya pasal vet.



One huge bummer being in office is having my CPU tucked underneath my desk....and that being it I can't really listen to music at work because my earphones is evidently not long enough. But hey, went for movies with Ani last weekend and finally got myself a 3 metre extension cable (oh yeah.....panjang tak hengat punya) and with that I finally get to groove....

*sokanya hati*

So I load my MP3 drive with a bunch of music from home and voila, now I am listening to my favourite tunes.


It has been quite laid back this last couple of days, thanks to the fact that the audit is (almost) over.Now I can put the dreadfull feeling away and focus on more positive things to improve on, like going back to yoga and gym (on a daily basis) and losing weight. hehehehe. Macam la takde benda lain kan.


Oh I can't wait till April kicks in. With April coming the holidays starts.


Excited? Me too...

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Day I Took of Early to Meet Nina

Dah lama okay tak hangout with Nina and to be frankly speaking....I miss her. okay la, not that we hung out often but it's fun to chat with her. I remember having a good time and gaining a lot of benefit from her wisdom, so bila dia ajak hang out I immediately said "YES".


So I made a point to leave office early yesterday. To tell you the truth I am growing tired of nagging about work. I went back to and read my blog posts over the past 3 months and all I ever written about is on how stress I am over the extra time I have been putting on work so hey, its time to get the fun me back and shove the nagging bitch somewhere else.

So say hello to the fun me.


Left office at 10 minutes after 5.30pm leaving most of my collegues in awe....sebab selalunya I kan bekerja keras balik lambat. Ngehngehngeh. Oh my God, look at the eyebags under my eyes, any of you guys know of any magic potion that will zap that out in seconds?


Hell, I know thats a common plroblem. But then again all girls are vain kan. Can't blame a girl from asking.


The traffic was slowly building up by the time I passed LDP so I admired the view a bit and guess what?

When I saw the nicely trimmed trees along the road I am instantly reminded of.....

*Edward Scissorhand*

Have u seen the movie? I did! Like countless of times. I think that's the first time I ever fell in love with Johnny Depp, sebab somehow I rasa sedih at the end when he had to leave Wynona Ryder and stay alone at the mansion.


And the way Edward loved her.


Arrived at OneUtama shortly after and by the time you know it we were alreadyhanging out at Jack's Place having dinner. I had baked salmon, which is quite okay, but I think both of us can agree that is not so much the case with the salmon salad she had...

Okay, lets not talk about it. Nanti abis semua orang tak nak pergi Jack's Place.


Yesterday I lupa bawak camera, takkan nak rely on my hp cam je kan but we took piccas with Nina's BB....hmmm, teruja kejap tengok orang ada BB tapi I'm still contemplating between BB and Iphone.

Don't ask me why. Making decisions on gadgets does not come that easy with me.

I had a great time! Babe, next time kita hangout kita pi makan ice cream kat B&R nak?


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh I wish I have the time (and money) to go on a shopping spree....

What can I say, I, like million others out there, loves shopping. I have eyes on everything from bags, shoes, accessories, everything under the sun. I can even dig electronics, gadgets and baby stuff, things that may appeal to some but not to others. In other words, I am a freak to buying things.

At times I realise that I don't even need the things that I bought, to a point that after a shopping fix, whichever things I bought stayed in the shopping bags for weeks or even months later until when I realise I even had it in the first place and decided to use it...kalau tak rugi. oh yeah. Sangat teruk. So I decided that as long as I tak clear out the house and dispose off things that I dont use, I wont be buying new stuff.

In which ends up with me not spreeing over the past couple of months, unless it was neceessary to do.

There's a pro's and cons there.

Pro's being I tak membazir beli benda that I don't need.

Con's being I feel suppressed and there is no outlet to vent the frustration of not spending.

Oh my, I have thrill to spend issues.


But then.....

If I do have all the time and money in the world who cares la apa I beli pun kan?

Too bad that's a luxury not everyone can afford.


Dear Mr White Knight, I wonder when you are knocking at my door and sweep all my pain away so i can be your full time Lady of Leisure.

Perhaps, in my dreams.


Good morning ladies!!!!

Another new day, then why so glum???

Weekend is just around the corner, we should all groove it!


As I mentioned yesterday I am going to be nicer today. *grin*. So holla to the nice me. I started the day with smiling and so far its good. *grin*. Hopefully it'll be the same till the end of the day...

*though I have my doubts but as I said, if any case anything happens I'm just gonna take a step back, take a deep breath and smile*

Okay, lets make this a short day.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just slip my kind....

I was reading the last post I written and it struck me....

...dulu kalau single client selalu marah marah we all selalu bagi remark...

"itu selalu marah2 sebab tak dapat apa-apa la tu. she needs to get laid"


Please, jangan la dapat that same remark.

teruk okay.


Still at the office? Oh yeah!

Still at office clearing out jackshit. *okay, exaggerating*. Ingat tadi nak balik at 7pm sharp but then its not 30 minutes past 7.30 and gosh its crazy la nak amend itu ini, so dok la berpikir sambil meng"amend" apa yang patut.Plus I have a date with Nina tomorrow, tak best la nak keluar ofis lambat kan so better I clear my work today.

Patut dapat award employee of the year. Pecah rekod ni kerja lambat-lambat macam ni. But kalau expect kerja lambat je as milestone you can just forget it la - it will never happen.

I am so looking forward to the time when all this crazy ass working late days will be over sebab seriously, I 'm getting really treally exhausted. Not that I don't get my 6 hours sleep a day, but all this mental (and at times physical stress) is leading to seriously stress eating which results to bloatedness, fatigue....very mild depression.

Speaking of which, makes me a meaner person by the day.

Me? Mean?

Impossible kan? As usual I ni begitu tollerant orangnya, but then lately I felt as if I am pushed to the edged and at times are getting a bit overbored in my response.

for example, today we had an argument on something which leaves me raising my voice to practically almost to the top of my lungs and started screaming things - in which if I am sane I usually will seat back and think for a while and later get back to the other party but today, no siree....I terus get jumpy and demand immediate settlement.

But it didn't happen without reason. I later explained to my boss and they totally understood. Some even felt the same way. So my jumpiness is substantiated.

Yet, since I do feel like I am mean, I felt a twinge of guilt.

Oh yeah,aku punya hati dan perasaan. I hate shouting/screaming/lashing and to do upon others the thing I did makes me feel bad.

Oh tuhan maafkan aku!

*tetiba je*

Okay. untuk membersihkan karma I vow to do one good deed every day. Maybe by doing good I will feel better and somehow can overcome this guilty feeling....then in return will be able to treat others better. I'll start tomorrow by smiling and laughing more. And on top of that maybe I should control my town, and instead of being jumpy, just take a deep breath and laugh it out.

Thats a good start. And maybe I should also learn to say sorry later when everythings done. Coz I seriously didnt mean to be evil.


The Day I am Suppose to Kick Ass at Celcom

I was all set with my police report today and all ready to give it all and make sure that who-ever brought hell to me pay (including the service provider) because sangat la tak aci kan approvekan application palsu macam ni. Apa selama ni service provider tak buat ID check ke bila bagi orang buka phone line? then defeats the purpose registering your ID to every line kan???

Tapi bila sampai kat Celcom the service attendants was freaking tetiba je hilang marah and mula cakap baik baik.

*nak melenting konon. aku ni lembut hati. orang cakap baik sikit je terus tak jadi marah*

So the lady who attended me passed me a fraud complain form to fill....

In which at the utmost bottom tetiba banyak la pulak demand info.....

*apa kes nak mintak copy IC, surat beranak, utility bil and surat sumpah*

okayla, imej agak kabur but then I don't see a point why I (the victim) harus bersusah payah angkat sumpah depan commisioner of oath and bagi lagi my birth cert when I myself had presented myself to the office, with my IC to complaint and terminate the line.

Banyak la alasan dia so that I won't give false information in return for the complaint. Apa dia ingat I am so free to a point nak saje2 buat claim palsu ni?

Nak marah lagi, tapi on top of that calm response, a very generous smile and a bowl of sweets on the table sekali lagu aku kalah.

*gula gula pun boleh buat aku lembut hati. damn*

Tapi okay la. I got all the info they needed (including the surat sumpah, though I don't see the whole point) and got my copies of complaint and the fictitious line immediately terminated.

*Yeah bitch. padan muka, ko ingat ko boleh senang-senang guna nama aku? Tunggu la lepas ni aku akan suruh polis cari ko pulak. get ready to run through the back door*

And jangan harap la aku nak bayar bil tertunggak tu. kalau dipaksa jugak ko tengok la how I wreck havoc around town, dengan Celcom sekali I'll bring down.


I so need a holiday.

Silver liner to the day is that I finally get to cash in my first (ever inaugural) Nuffnang cheque.

Amaun tak banyak. But then its something la, better than none kan? Lagipun aku bukannya blogger tegar kan. *grin*.So its a blessing. Ada la extra ka-ching to bring to my next holiday trip and spa weekend coming in April to June.

Oh yeah. I went to matta fair last weekend and spend a bit (seriously only a bit, sebab bargains dia sungguh sungguh reasonable) for holiday trips with friends. So yeah, when all hell at work froze over I can scoot away in some far away place and sip that Lazy Buddha.

*grin, literally speaking*

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


...not because its chilly, though its freaking cold here in the office today...

...definitely because I am stressed out, because of the pile of work I have to clear by the nend of the day....

...but to top it off, not only that every single bits and pieces gets to my nerve but then I found out today that someone actually used my ID and open up a celcom number in which...

....sejak bila aku pakai celcom???

At first I tried to maintain my calm and reason it out nicely (to myself and the celcom operator) that things will be okay, and since its under my name I can tempirarily bar the line till I get to go to Celcom and sort it out.


*oh yeah there's a huge but*

....I was told by the operator that in such case as mine, i have to bring a police report to the celcom centre and then only the line will be cut off. That's freaking stupid okay. Since the line is under my name and my ID why can't i bar it again?

Oh yes, she said because I have a different mothers name.

Well obviously the name they gave you is a lie kan?


Now I have to go and make a police report and take a few hours off work tomorrow to go to celcom.

*so not loving it. This sucks!*

Trust me I am not a very happy person today.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Bedazzling your vah-Jay-Jay

I was having a quick sweep of today's Sun when I came across an article "Brazilian Waxes Are Sooo Last season" (and yes, they spelled so with triple o's, in which is sangat tak bagus sebab itu merosakkan bahasa) and apparently Hollywood's A-List these days not only bare it all down south but also dazzle it with diamonds.....

*Jennifer Love Hewitt - dazzling and loving it*

Apparently JLH had appeared in the Late Night Show and shared details of bedazzling her vah-jay-jay, adding a remark "now it shines like a disco ball".

Seriously, searching for free publicity?

Not that I am against it. *grin*. Personally I don't care if it glows a mile a away, she cn do whatever she likes. Heheheheh.

But then if it glows, wouldn't it be a blinding sight?


Okay okay, shut it. shut it. Tak pasal-pasal if I go overboard nanti blog ni kena blacklist.


You think Malaysian's are ever up for it?


Personally, I don't feel a need. I mean I fully understand the need to wax your pubic hair clean, but bedazzling it is definitely a luxury. Plus, kalau nanti ada yang allergic diamonds down there satu hal pulak kena pergi jumpa doctor for meds and all. *grin*.

Okay okay. I detect a potential rambling going haywire to happen. So I better stop here.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

All in a day's work....

It has been a very frustrating week (or should I say month?) at work but then all hell had frozen when the monthly reporting is finally done.

Phewh. At least that is one hurdle set aside.

Yet, I still have a pile of work to attend to....

This is the reduced workload. You should see the original load.....tinggi macam Gunung Everest I pun tak sanggup nak naik bukit tu...


Anyways, I always have comfort food on standby these days just in case I rasa macam nak meletup kan....

Sangat not diet friendly...but stress-proof buster.


But then today is a joyous day. It'll remain a good day till the next draft starts piling back again.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My favourite stationery....

Who would have ever known that I love sharpening pencils?

I didn't know that either....till recently when I start using pencils a lot while reviewing reports. I just hate s blunt pencil, and since my company does not provide mechanical ones, I found joy in....

Sharpening my own!

Oh yeah. Its like I get an all time high everytime I go to the sharpener and start sharpening my pencils.Damn, the feeling is a bit freaky but it gives me a bit of time off to relax while I hear the slow hum of the sharpener sharpening.


And guess irks me everytime I lose a pencil these days...macam stress tahap gaban je sebab pensil hilang. Sigh. What am I now, a pencil freak?

Anyways, at times when things go too rough,I kinda get a bit overboard on sharpening...

Yeah...great think that you can poke an eyeball out???


I should go and get one.


If there's anyone out there kind enough you can always send me one as gifts too....I bet it'll freak out those buggers from messing with me at office, in which has been happening a lot lately.

Yeah.Me and my sadistic pencil sharpener. Great.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Murder...she wrote....

At some point last week, I was already comtemplating of murder out of stress and exhaustion....

So over the weekend, I took whatever time left to just stay at home and catch up on sleep, sleep and more sleep.

In which makes me feel.....absolutely nothing today.


I'm still exhausted. I wish work magically completes by itself. That this stress piling up in me instantly went away....

Wishful thinking. Keep on dreaming.


On another note, I am yet to celebrate my first victory to sarcasm and blurted out anger. Oh yeah, all this while I was always the patient one, always diplomatic and ever giving till last week, I gave everyone a dose of the "not-so-friendly-me".


The nomination to become the Sports Club Secretary must have triggered this. Too bad, now all of them will be having a garang secretary.


Or maybe a sacrcastic one. Lil miss sunshine aint that sunny.

But then, don't get too overboard.

Don't ever expect a fatal attraction to be happening any time....ever.



Friday, March 5, 2010

So I seek solace over bread laced with peanut butter.......

It started with a huge protest. Obviously everyone hates the idea of working late. Don't look at me like an alien but then I hated the idea too....because I'd rather prefer to have the leisure to go to gym, or catch a movie, or hang out with my friends any given time rather than working.

So there was a huge uproar when the standby list was circulated. Obviously, takkan aku sorang je nak stayback everyday kan.....apa, aku takde life?Since we cant get anyone outside the department to stay back then it was decided that we in turn stay back by rotation, so everyone gets a piece of the cake.

That made everyone unhappy.

And when they are all unhappy the scene is very very ugly.

To a point that I have to scream "don't kill the messenger here" and gulp down two piece of peanut butter sandwich.


There goes my diet. Life's a bitch. The bitchier it gets the more I not good for the waistline.


Im giving up.

If everyone don't care then why should I care?


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pure heaven....

Yesterday was a whirwind of running around non-stop hecticness, was over the phone with people since morning till almost noon, my accounts partially closed, audit is still a point I feel like screaming. Sheesh. Its freaking hard to maintain my cool when I feel like being pushed over the edge. But then things need to get done. Sigh. Anyways, yours truly was on cake duty kan, so it really doesnt help that I need to drive out all the way to BSC on a busy day to pick up a cake to a point that everyone gave me "the look" and blurted...."macam la takde kedai kek kat Mid valley kan"....

....which is agak lebih la tu. First, Just Heavenly takde kat Mid Valley and the nearest outlet is in BSc and secondly, they put in cake duty kan, so kenapa la complain???

So poor me had to drive and rush back straight after lunch hour but all hell is worth the trouble because hey, who can deny what taste so good kan???

*the said less than 20 minutes the candle is blown*

I did blow the rest away and got a huge brava coz it taste so good! Phewh! I even cut some slacjk and had a piece. *grin*.

Okayla....i compensate that with running an hour later last night.....though I left office quite late already. Guilty la punya pasal.

Lain kali I don't want to go on cake duty. Maybe next time I should just assign someone and tell them where to get it. How they get it, it's up to them. so they wont complain. Because they have to do the ground work.

*evil.devil wear prada in the making*

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Me...ratuionalising on another piece of cake....

Work has been doing more harm than good lately, since I stress eat (a lot) and there's very limited time to gym. Even if I do have the gym time I am somewhat very very tired (mentally and physically) to go through some gym time, in which at the end builds up the "laziness" feeling in time goes by.

So not good. Sekarang ni instead of me dragging my buddy Jo to the gym its the other way round. And I am not being a sport.


So last weekend (during the weekend break), Jo did make me stay on the strider for 45 which is good, because if she does not insist then I will still be slacking. I am trying uber hard now to get back into pace...since the weighing scale at home is starting to be not-so-weight-friendly anymore.

Sigh. sape suruh indulge on the sweet stuff macam orang tak pernah makan benda manis kan.

Anyways,its my boss's bday today and I am on cake duty. Seriously I am never a planner/organiser kind of person and things like this make me cringe, tapi then somebody has to do it....and I do love the choc and cheese cake at Just Heavenly @ Bangsar so what the heck. So yesterday dropped by BSC to pay for the cakes, and oh my god, how the place have changed....

Oh I love the new layout and deco in BSC - it gives a very European feel, macam out of the country malls. Maybe its just the new organic section. Maybe its just me.

Anyways, kejap lagi we're celebrating and I can't wait to dig my hands on the piece of heaven. Though guilty, I am seeking solace that I still haven't gain an inch since December (buat susah susah je paranoid kan) and last weekend, I did finally manage to fit in nicely in a dress that I got 4 years back.....

Dulu kalau pakai dress ni pun still nampak excess-excess, tapi okay kan fitting sekarang?

So that one small piece shouldn't make me feel so bad....

But that's no excuse to skip gym.