Thursday, March 25, 2010

Akibat sakit gigi....

I have been having wisdom tooth woes since last Monday and I have to say that its not nice. In fact...its horrible, I feel like smacking everyone at work. Add that to the mounting stress I am facing lately and voila, you have a very horrible version of me.




How can you be patient again when lightning strikes in your own mouth? Oh yes, on top of the swollen gums I am feeling the sensitive teeth bit a bit too much....terasa macam petir sabung menyabung je dalam mulut ni...ngilu nak mati.

To sum it up....I've been having a really bad day this past couple of days.


The painkillers is just not enough. I think I have to change my toothpaste too....not only because the flouride is chapping my lips (oh yes, flouride contributes to chapping lips, do google more) but also to something more friendly to my sensitive I got these...

*Dental White Plus*

I use to use this brand years back, tapi stop sebab tak tahan sebab satu tiub mahal tak hengat, tapi tapi I went through this temporary memory loss phase and grabbed a twin pack.

In which I regret later sebab the twin pack cost me freaking 50 bucks!

So much for sensitive teeth. Grrrr. I wish I can find a cheaper alternative, because 50 bucks for toothpaste is a bit too much.


But its a good toothpaste.And it did work quite well when I last used them. So not all is in vain.


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