Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Balm To the Rescue - Vegan Lip Treatment!

Recently life has been like a rollercoaster - its freaking crazy sampai takde masa nak minum air pun. Of late the busyness tok sah cakap la, at some point i am contemplating murder-homicide in which at some point, its gonna be bloody. So agak normal la if you bump into me looking a bit not in place anymore, makeup (most of the time) is non-existent (oh especially makin malas nak pakai bedak pun) and rambut kusut tak bermaya but then the thing i hated most is....


Serious benci. But then a girl tak de choice la sebab minum air tak cukup kan. Then at some point rasa minum air bergelen-gelen pun bibir still kering....akan tetapi.....

I found this!

*the Balm To the Rescue- Vegan Lip Treatment*

At first I thought its just a normal lip balm. Kalau pakai pun takde long term effect. But then sekali cuba I terus teruja because it gives me a silky smooth lip immediately upon application. And that is huge for me sebab my lips are chapped to the max!

Oh yeah.

The packaging is nothing fancy but it comes with a mirror. Handy handy.

Immediately upon application you will feel a cooling sensation, because I think the stuff has mint in it. Tapi tolonglah, sila jangan makan the lip balm....because I don't think its ever invented to be consumed orally. The thing I love most on top of the immediate silky smooth lips is how it instantly makes my lip a reddish tint (eventhough the balm actually has no color)...

Okayla...bad example. bibir ku gelap akibat over-exposed with make-up. But then trust me....its lighter now than before.


Now I have chappy lips no more...thanks to the Balm!

The only downside that it cost a bomb. each unit is about RM50....thats a bit pricey for a lip balm....don't you think so?


Anonymous said...

Zue...cengkung nyer muka you.

Kak nadia.

Zuraida said...

Hi kak nadia...

sebenarnya takde la cengkung mana, kalau tengok face to face bulat jugak....hahahah. i rasa its the eye bags la, lately macam tidur tak tenteram...stress kerja lagi.