Monday, March 15, 2010

Bedazzling your vah-Jay-Jay

I was having a quick sweep of today's Sun when I came across an article "Brazilian Waxes Are Sooo Last season" (and yes, they spelled so with triple o's, in which is sangat tak bagus sebab itu merosakkan bahasa) and apparently Hollywood's A-List these days not only bare it all down south but also dazzle it with diamonds.....

*Jennifer Love Hewitt - dazzling and loving it*

Apparently JLH had appeared in the Late Night Show and shared details of bedazzling her vah-jay-jay, adding a remark "now it shines like a disco ball".

Seriously, searching for free publicity?

Not that I am against it. *grin*. Personally I don't care if it glows a mile a away, she cn do whatever she likes. Heheheheh.

But then if it glows, wouldn't it be a blinding sight?


Okay okay, shut it. shut it. Tak pasal-pasal if I go overboard nanti blog ni kena blacklist.


You think Malaysian's are ever up for it?


Personally, I don't feel a need. I mean I fully understand the need to wax your pubic hair clean, but bedazzling it is definitely a luxury. Plus, kalau nanti ada yang allergic diamonds down there satu hal pulak kena pergi jumpa doctor for meds and all. *grin*.

Okay okay. I detect a potential rambling going haywire to happen. So I better stop here.


1 comment:

shasha said...

hahaha..imagine that dorang dok lawan bape carat diamond yg diletakkan di situ...bole?