Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Day I am Suppose to Kick Ass at Celcom

I was all set with my police report today and all ready to give it all and make sure that who-ever brought hell to me pay (including the service provider) because sangat la tak aci kan approvekan application palsu macam ni. Apa selama ni service provider tak buat ID check ke bila bagi orang buka phone line? then defeats the purpose registering your ID to every line kan???

Tapi bila sampai kat Celcom the service attendants was freaking tetiba je hilang marah and mula cakap baik baik.

*nak melenting konon. aku ni lembut hati. orang cakap baik sikit je terus tak jadi marah*

So the lady who attended me passed me a fraud complain form to fill....

In which at the utmost bottom tetiba banyak la pulak demand info.....

*apa kes nak mintak copy IC, surat beranak, utility bil and surat sumpah*

okayla, imej agak kabur but then I don't see a point why I (the victim) harus bersusah payah angkat sumpah depan commisioner of oath and bagi lagi my birth cert when I myself had presented myself to the office, with my IC to complaint and terminate the line.

Banyak la alasan dia so that I won't give false information in return for the complaint. Apa dia ingat I am so free to a point nak saje2 buat claim palsu ni?

Nak marah lagi, tapi on top of that calm response, a very generous smile and a bowl of sweets on the table sekali lagu aku kalah.

*gula gula pun boleh buat aku lembut hati. damn*

Tapi okay la. I got all the info they needed (including the surat sumpah, though I don't see the whole point) and got my copies of complaint and the fictitious line immediately terminated.

*Yeah bitch. padan muka, ko ingat ko boleh senang-senang guna nama aku? Tunggu la lepas ni aku akan suruh polis cari ko pulak. get ready to run through the back door*

And jangan harap la aku nak bayar bil tertunggak tu. kalau dipaksa jugak ko tengok la how I wreck havoc around town, dengan Celcom sekali I'll bring down.


I so need a holiday.

Silver liner to the day is that I finally get to cash in my first (ever inaugural) Nuffnang cheque.

Amaun tak banyak. But then its something la, better than none kan? Lagipun aku bukannya blogger tegar kan. *grin*.So its a blessing. Ada la extra ka-ching to bring to my next holiday trip and spa weekend coming in April to June.

Oh yeah. I went to matta fair last weekend and spend a bit (seriously only a bit, sebab bargains dia sungguh sungguh reasonable) for holiday trips with friends. So yeah, when all hell at work froze over I can scoot away in some far away place and sip that Lazy Buddha.

*grin, literally speaking*


shasha said...

nampaknya takde la kuar berita kat newspaper pasal wanita mengamuk di celcom ek...heheh

Zuraida said...

oh suke la ko kalau aku keluar berita? kat mana, metro?

holabola said...

its not dificult to register using fake IC. furthermore, the registration form submitted to Celcom department together with IC photocopy only (very easy to create fake copy).

Plus, don't expect any telcos will going to check wether he/she is the real owner or not, or wether the IC is real or not, or check his/her thumbprint, his/her picture, check with National Registration Department, etc.

the only thing that will be checked is wether the IC number included in their blacklisted database or not. that's all.

Zuraida said...


true. by right if they wanna regulate the hp registration proper precautionary measures to check the authenticity of the application must be checked kan?

macam bukak akaun kat bank....takkan boleh simply bukak akaun using fake ID's.

Siti Mas Hidayu said...

zuraida nak tanye...akuan sumpah tu nak buat macam mane yerk?

Zuraida said...

Hi siti. Nak buat senang aja.pergi jumpa sorg pesuruhjaya sumpah aka commissioner of oath and bila kat ofs dia dia akan bg u form utk fill up.fill up the form with your official statement, in this case i buat akuan yang i tak pernah create that celcom account and whatnot and pass the form to the pesuruhjaya sumpah to be signed.dia selalu charge about rm4.