Friday, March 19, 2010

The Day I Took of Early to Meet Nina

Dah lama okay tak hangout with Nina and to be frankly speaking....I miss her. okay la, not that we hung out often but it's fun to chat with her. I remember having a good time and gaining a lot of benefit from her wisdom, so bila dia ajak hang out I immediately said "YES".


So I made a point to leave office early yesterday. To tell you the truth I am growing tired of nagging about work. I went back to and read my blog posts over the past 3 months and all I ever written about is on how stress I am over the extra time I have been putting on work so hey, its time to get the fun me back and shove the nagging bitch somewhere else.

So say hello to the fun me.


Left office at 10 minutes after 5.30pm leaving most of my collegues in awe....sebab selalunya I kan bekerja keras balik lambat. Ngehngehngeh. Oh my God, look at the eyebags under my eyes, any of you guys know of any magic potion that will zap that out in seconds?


Hell, I know thats a common plroblem. But then again all girls are vain kan. Can't blame a girl from asking.


The traffic was slowly building up by the time I passed LDP so I admired the view a bit and guess what?

When I saw the nicely trimmed trees along the road I am instantly reminded of.....

*Edward Scissorhand*

Have u seen the movie? I did! Like countless of times. I think that's the first time I ever fell in love with Johnny Depp, sebab somehow I rasa sedih at the end when he had to leave Wynona Ryder and stay alone at the mansion.


And the way Edward loved her.


Arrived at OneUtama shortly after and by the time you know it we were alreadyhanging out at Jack's Place having dinner. I had baked salmon, which is quite okay, but I think both of us can agree that is not so much the case with the salmon salad she had...

Okay, lets not talk about it. Nanti abis semua orang tak nak pergi Jack's Place.


Yesterday I lupa bawak camera, takkan nak rely on my hp cam je kan but we took piccas with Nina's BB....hmmm, teruja kejap tengok orang ada BB tapi I'm still contemplating between BB and Iphone.

Don't ask me why. Making decisions on gadgets does not come that easy with me.

I had a great time! Babe, next time kita hangout kita pi makan ice cream kat B&R nak?


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Sweettooth said...

alamak, terlepas sudah.... ok nanti skool holiday we lepak BR heehe.. kena tunggu skool holiday memanjang :(