Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Have you filed your tax returns???

Oh yes, it is (again) the time of the year when we all scurry over our bills and EA forms to file our annual tax returns. I was in a hurry to file mine today thinking that the dateline is due on the 31st just to find out that hey, its not due till 30th April.


Or at least that's what announced in the LHDN website la. But then its a relief to just get it over and done with, so I did my returns in between reviews and within minutes I manage to settle my current debt to society.

Okay, tetiba je rasa macam a good samaritan kan, padahal most of the time I pun don't give a damn.


Thank God for the computer rebate I don't have to pay additional assessment this year. *grin*. Money is a bit tight these days so thats a blessing in disguise. Dah la last month kena slapped with additional assessment for YA2007 and mak pokai bayar this is a plus plus plus for me. So hello spa day here I come okay. *grin*.

Adoi. sakit perut dan sakit gigi. Very bad combo. Hopefully I don't have to stay back that late.

*okay, auditor baru confirm cakap cashflow workings satu dah pass. Yippee...joget panda kejap*

Tapi still sakit perut...


Don't forget to settle your dues.

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