Monday, March 8, 2010

Murder...she wrote....

At some point last week, I was already comtemplating of murder out of stress and exhaustion....

So over the weekend, I took whatever time left to just stay at home and catch up on sleep, sleep and more sleep.

In which makes me feel.....absolutely nothing today.


I'm still exhausted. I wish work magically completes by itself. That this stress piling up in me instantly went away....

Wishful thinking. Keep on dreaming.


On another note, I am yet to celebrate my first victory to sarcasm and blurted out anger. Oh yeah, all this while I was always the patient one, always diplomatic and ever giving till last week, I gave everyone a dose of the "not-so-friendly-me".


The nomination to become the Sports Club Secretary must have triggered this. Too bad, now all of them will be having a garang secretary.


Or maybe a sacrcastic one. Lil miss sunshine aint that sunny.

But then, don't get too overboard.

Don't ever expect a fatal attraction to be happening any time....ever.