Tuesday, March 23, 2010


One huge bummer being in office is having my CPU tucked underneath my desk....and that being it I can't really listen to music at work because my earphones is evidently not long enough. But hey, went for movies with Ani last weekend and finally got myself a 3 metre extension cable (oh yeah.....panjang tak hengat punya) and with that I finally get to groove....

*sokanya hati*

So I load my MP3 drive with a bunch of music from home and voila, now I am listening to my favourite tunes.


It has been quite laid back this last couple of days, thanks to the fact that the audit is (almost) over.Now I can put the dreadfull feeling away and focus on more positive things to improve on, like going back to yoga and gym (on a daily basis) and losing weight. hehehehe. Macam la takde benda lain kan.


Oh I can't wait till April kicks in. With April coming the holidays starts.


Excited? Me too...