Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh I wish I have the time (and money) to go on a shopping spree....

What can I say, I, like million others out there, loves shopping. I have eyes on everything from bags, shoes, accessories, everything under the sun. I can even dig electronics, gadgets and baby stuff, things that may appeal to some but not to others. In other words, I am a freak to buying things.

At times I realise that I don't even need the things that I bought, to a point that after a shopping fix, whichever things I bought stayed in the shopping bags for weeks or even months later until when I realise I even had it in the first place and decided to use it...kalau tak rugi. oh yeah. Sangat teruk. So I decided that as long as I tak clear out the house and dispose off things that I dont use, I wont be buying new stuff.

In which ends up with me not spreeing over the past couple of months, unless it was neceessary to do.

There's a pro's and cons there.

Pro's being I tak membazir beli benda that I don't need.

Con's being I feel suppressed and there is no outlet to vent the frustration of not spending.

Oh my, I have thrill to spend issues.


But then.....

If I do have all the time and money in the world who cares la apa I beli pun kan?

Too bad that's a luxury not everyone can afford.


Dear Mr White Knight, I wonder when you are knocking at my door and sweep all my pain away so i can be your full time Lady of Leisure.

Perhaps, in my dreams.


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