Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pure heaven....

Yesterday was a whirwind of running around non-stop hecticness, was over the phone with people since morning till almost noon, my accounts partially closed, audit is still a point I feel like screaming. Sheesh. Its freaking hard to maintain my cool when I feel like being pushed over the edge. But then things need to get done. Sigh. Anyways, yours truly was on cake duty kan, so it really doesnt help that I need to drive out all the way to BSC on a busy day to pick up a cake to a point that everyone gave me "the look" and blurted...."macam la takde kedai kek kat Mid valley kan"....

....which is agak lebih la tu. First, Just Heavenly takde kat Mid Valley and the nearest outlet is in BSc and secondly, they put in cake duty kan, so kenapa la complain???

So poor me had to drive and rush back straight after lunch hour but all hell is worth the trouble because hey, who can deny what taste so good kan???

*the said less than 20 minutes the candle is blown*

I did blow the rest away and got a huge brava coz it taste so good! Phewh! I even cut some slacjk and had a piece. *grin*.

Okayla....i compensate that with running an hour later last night.....though I left office quite late already. Guilty la punya pasal.

Lain kali I don't want to go on cake duty. Maybe next time I should just assign someone and tell them where to get it. How they get it, it's up to them. so they wont complain. Because they have to do the ground work.

*evil.devil wear prada in the making*


n i e z a said...

I shud try the cake when I have the chance to come to kl.

Zuraida said...

oh yes nieza, u should! they have an outlet kat the gourmet section at ground floor , BSC. just walk in, the selection is sangat la delicious!

the one i love is choc and cheese.


shasha said...

nak nak!!