Friday, March 5, 2010

So I seek solace over bread laced with peanut butter.......

It started with a huge protest. Obviously everyone hates the idea of working late. Don't look at me like an alien but then I hated the idea too....because I'd rather prefer to have the leisure to go to gym, or catch a movie, or hang out with my friends any given time rather than working.

So there was a huge uproar when the standby list was circulated. Obviously, takkan aku sorang je nak stayback everyday kan.....apa, aku takde life?Since we cant get anyone outside the department to stay back then it was decided that we in turn stay back by rotation, so everyone gets a piece of the cake.

That made everyone unhappy.

And when they are all unhappy the scene is very very ugly.

To a point that I have to scream "don't kill the messenger here" and gulp down two piece of peanut butter sandwich.


There goes my diet. Life's a bitch. The bitchier it gets the more I not good for the waistline.


Im giving up.

If everyone don't care then why should I care?



Anonymous said...

Bravo, magnificent idea

Nana said...

I tell you all employers kat malaysia suka perah orang! I tell you its terrible!

Zuraida said...


glad u think its a great idea.


oh yeah. macam tak tau lagi kan? singapore lagi teruk i rasa.....sigh....

Nana said...

ala mana2 asian company semua camtu!!! Kat sini they all sibuk pasal "work life balance" they all malas tahap dewa tau kat sini!

Anonymous said...

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