Thursday, April 29, 2010

On being tardy free

Oh crap...its almost 2pm and I am yet to conclude compiling my stuff. Damn. Banyak nak mati kena compile, aku dah rasa macam kena tubuhkan one specific department khas untuk buat kerja compile-compile ni. Because seriously, its getting pretty absurd.

Sigh. Complain je gheti.


Anyways, I came up with a new resolution yesterday. I am going to be tardy free and I vow to be at office by 8.15am every day. Reason being my boss sudah marah tak hengat kata I selalu datang lewat.

*FYI, lewat is after 8.35am, lewat seminit pun kira lewat....agak damn di situ*


So far it has been two days and I have succesfully clock in at 7.54am and 8.08am respectively. Huge brava!!!!! But then mind you, sape terserempak I awal-awal pagi memang kena bersiap sedia untuk mati pengsan because I look freaking horrible - the hair is a mess, the make-up - as usual- practically non-existent.


The upside in walking in early is that after clocking my time in I still have about 20 minutes or so to do my make-up in the ladies room. Hohoho. So sekarang ni baru berbaloi carry make-up here and there.....coz finally I get to spend time doing my make-up before jumping in at work.

Itu satu statement yang bos I never really quite get it.

Because he never realised that all this while eventhough I am about one or two minutes late, I will immediately sit on my desk and charging to work. But since he's so unhappy that I am tardy, I came in early, and end up doing my make up and later went for breakfast outside till about 8.45 am, in which only then I started work.

Hiss loss.


On top of that I also vow to.......clock out 5.30 sharp daily!!!!

Take that! Muahahahahahah!!!!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Going private coz.....

....saje. gatal.


Not that it ever matter. Not that anyone would read it if it was ever public. But then I don't feel that comfortable talking about anything in public lately, hence lesser blog post. So perhaps this is already called for.


I contemplated opening a new blog a couple of times, kinda like starting anew with a new slate but then what's the point? It will still be about me yapping my life away, so I might just as well write where I am more comfortable at kan?

Now that it a closed forum I can yap away all I want....muahahahhahahahha.....


Not that I can't yap away all I wanted before....

Friday, April 23, 2010

Early morning (screen) shopping

Is there a way to cure shopaholics?Obviously technology aint helping a bit, because even if you avoid being in shopping mall and flea markets and keep your purse locked with a giant size solex lock, the world wide web can still be a huge temptation and internet banking facilitates money exchange in a zippy.

To tell you the truth I have been saving.The savings is suppose to be for something else more important. But I need to confess. Over the past 2 weeks I am breaking the bank and my bank balance is quickly depleting. I am ashamed to say that I let myself email a friend for a few bags that crumpled wripped my bank book apart. *sigh*. And on top of that I have been contemplating of changing my wardrobe with Komala, get a collection of island dresses, tees and shorts for the upcoming tioman trip in June and get a new set of work out gear for gym.


Shame on me.

And yesterday it just got worse.

Yesterday thekookything just came in with new stuff online and gosh I was drooling over these shoes.....

In less than 24 hours I made an order, and now waiting confirmation to pay up once pay kicks in on Sunday....

Double shame on me.


But don't you think they look delicious?

I have soft spots for shiny black shoes.


This must be stress-shopping.

*grin....oh excuses!*

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring (cleaning) break....

Orang bercuti pergi jalan-jalan, I bercuti dok kemas umah. There's a pros and cons there, the house is much cleaner and spacey now....thanks to the fact that I trashed almost half of the things I longer use or need.

Such as.....
*all the shoes that are broken, old etc*

Resulting to more space at the shoe rack....

It boggles me after clearing up such a huge amount of shoes I still have 30 good ones.


I also cleared the third room....

From bags that i over 5 years, and other crap I've been piling over the years which are practically useless.

Now I can go get new bags and shoes.


Maybe when I cleared my wardrobe next weekend then I can decide on more clothes.

That means.....

.....the next couple of weeks we'll be shopping.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another day, another ramble....

Today I opted the busy way to the office - using the LDP- reason being that yesterday I got lost at Penchala, missed the turn at Mont Kiara and ended up somewhere almost entering Duke hhighway, so I en route back via NKVE to Damansara ending back where I started if I had taken the LDP and SPRINT to work. That's 5 highways and I was late. So I'm done looking for shortcuts to work. I am just going to go out early and use the same old road everyday. If I go out early enough I won't be late.


To perk me up from yesterday's incident I donned the new top I bought from PeepBoutique during last weekend's MOS event...

Love the embellishments. They are really preeetttty!!!!!!


And my new bag, which I bought from Nakalicious...

Not the real thing but hey, the feel is really good, is so value for money. Good for adding variety to my almost dying bag collection. I so need to change my wardrobe.


I have a date with Jo at the gym today. Finally, I get to drag my gym buddy for a workout. It has been so long and I have been slacking. So its time to stop taking the nasi lemak and start working out the beach body for my next island trip in June.


Care to place bets?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Saturday's Hot Event...

This is going to allow give me a free mani pedi, lash extension and first dibs to a whole load of stuff this saturday.....

Oh yeah. Thanks to MOS I'll be at the Too Hot To Handle Event on Saturday with my lil sis before a party after at a friend's place.

Sounds like a good weekend. Shopping. Pampering. Partying.

I'm already loving the idea.

Will I see you there?

Buzz me!

Ho Yeah, Finally...a taste of Freedom

Yesterday, my final paper was sign sealed and ready to be delivered. phewh. Hati ni berbunga-bunga gembira because with that, 70% of the hard work and sweat has finally paid off and I am so relieved that it is now showing a clear sign that it'll be soon over.

So yeah....we can all take out our dancing shoes now and plan for the celebration party.

So hopefully with that my stretch of over 8.30pm stays in office will be put to an end and I can now focus on me, me and me. And of course, my blog that has been long neglected.


A couple of piccas taken last weekend from my visit to Villamay Spa @ Shah Alam...

At the patio...kena tangkap gambar sendiri sebab Wen Chu and Komala tetiba bail on me! Jahat betul. Baru ingat nak bersuka ria with spa day out....

The bungalow turn spa is a heavenly sanctuary.....

They have running water practically everywhere, even inside the treatment room. Cool aite???

Aku suka e bila banyak air ni.


Last but not the least...i hung out here when I was done enjoying my book, my guava juice and cuppies. By then it was mildly raining and the air was so cooling, its like chilling at my very own private and lush living room.

Oh my, kalau tiap-tiap hari macam ni kan best!

Now am looking forward to next weekend, sebab if all plans fall in place I'll be running out of town on the 15th! *grin*

Monday, April 5, 2010

When I can't curse at work......

...I improvised.


It hasn't always been like that....the cursing I mean. There was once upon a time when I am all polite and go shocked-in-awe everything a curse is uttered, especially those that bring God's name to vain. But then over the years I learn to be bolder....I blame it on peer pressure and massive traffic jam......cursing seems to be a standard form of frustration release in pressing times.... now.

It's definitely not the most ideal time to be miss goody two shoes. Kalau baik sangat jadi timun. Be too nice kene too tolerable kena buli. Either way mashed. (oh yeah, sekarang ni sangat terasa seperti timun. sigh!). So from time to time I have to unleashed the bolder (more stronger) side of me and fight back.

That comeswith missy lasermouth who is not so nice.


Tak baik la kan kalau asyik cursing openly kan. Terejut akak-kak kat ofis nanti. So most of the time I replaced shit with shoot, and lay off the F word.

Tapi sebab stress....shoot was mentioned too many a times. To a point one day my boss (who from out of no where wa standing next to my seat) suddenbly utters....

"tak payah shoot shoot"


Damn you.

Don't let me even start with all the hissy fits I am starting to throw around during the day.


I hate throwing hissy fits. It makes me feel like I am a bad person. But then kalau dah terpaksa what to do kan?

Better speak up. Kalau tak nanti kena buli.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My sunday is actually a monday...and so it was over the past 3 weeks...

....hish. Tak boleh jadi ni. Asyik kerja weekend je. Takde life ke?

Oh yeah, the same question I actually asked myself last Friday when I am all pissed and angry about having to work so hard.

*hahahahah.yeah. dah sampai naik gila dah. seriously*

Akan tetapi.....

The time off yesterday to unwind did quite good on me. By the time I hit the sack I am all energised and feeling so good, I wish I had a couple of days off and I can do what I did yesterday everyday for a week.

Hahahahah. Dah dapat betis nak peha.

I started off my (only) day off (this week) by going to BeYoga for a Hot Yoga session. Deep inside I felt a huge guilt feeling since I have been skipping my yoga class for about 2 months now, but then hey, tak boleh stop lagi dah. I am starting to gain weight again and that is not a good sign. So back to yoga....again.

It's a gruelling one hour class. Dah la panas, my rhythm was totally off and I can't manage to control my racing heartbeat. Sigh. But I didn't give up. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll get my mojo back and manage to be more focus and centred. If you look at me yesterday I rasa macam badut je. Grrrr. Itula, sape suruh ikutkan sangat kerja lambat kan?


How I wish.....

After the one hour yoga I did a quick 1 hour run, and later showered and went to VillaMay Byyu Spa in Section 7 Shah Alam.

Guess what?

That's the best decision I made all week.


The place is so cool. Its a posh bungalow turned spa in balinese interiors that is oh-so-to-die -for. I love the patio and the open air shower and bath tub....rasa macam puteri raja pulak. *grin*. As you enter the spa there's a very comfy/homey patio that's decorated with lush sofa's....I like it so much I left only an hour after my spa treatment ended just lounging at the patio and reading the book I took with me, while enjoying my guava juice and cuppies.

Just thinking about it took me to heaven.

I took up the 3 hour body treatment package - its a top to toe indulgence since I got a free hair spa treatment as well. Oh my, the service is OTT, I definitely will go back to that place again.



So takpe la that this week started early kan?

They should pay me more. I don't mind working off my ass if I get to unwind this way frequently.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oh God thank Goodness is Thursday..... more day then me and my two best buddies are hitting the spa!!!

Big Hooray!!!!!

I so need the time out. Dah rasa macam nak naik gila dah kat ofis ni. In fact, with the very few exercise this last one month I think I am getting even more bonkers....lets all blame it to the lack of oxygen. Ye lah, I dont think I can breath that well anymore. Half of the time I felt suffocated.

It will be a great break.

On the other hand, a new month had just begun and as usual, reporting macam biasa. Just that the load is a bit too much this round coz deadline is a bit tight.


Tak sabarnya nak tunggu the day when all of this ruckoos will be over. Hopefully in 3 weeks all is done and I can start being the good jolly ol' me.


Signing off for now. Nanti kalau bos nampak dia ingat aku tak buat kerja. Padahal aku lah yang stay paling lama.